News: 12/8/2014

Odyssey Lead Sponsor at 12th Annual American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

Odyssey Logistics & Technology is a lead sponsor of the 2014 Annual American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit, held in Dallas from December 8th-through December 10th. Senior supply chain and logistics  professionals  will convene at the summit to share insights and  best practices.

Kevin Land, VP, Global Solutions of Odyssey Logistics & Technology will lead a distribution and logistics workshop entitled  “Working with Top-Rated carriers to Reduce Costs through Superior Performance. “

Key points he will cover include:

  • Building a business on high performance rather than on low upfront freight cost
  • Generating real cost savings by adopting a holistic approach to transportation execution
  • Managing outbound, inbound, and third party shipments in real time
  • Enforcing internal and external compliance across all modes to reflect true freight cost