News: 4/14/2014

Odyssey Subsidiary Wins Sixth Consecutive North America Core Carrier Award from Alcoa

April (14), 2014 – CMI Logistics LLC (CMI, successor to CMI Freight-Trans, Inc.), a subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation, was recognized by Alcoa as a longtime innovator and exceptional service provider, and was named Alcoa’s 2013 leading intermodal distribution company. This is CMI’s sixth consecutive award from Alcoa as a North America Core Carrier.

Alcoa’s 2013 North America Core Carrier Awards recognize the critical carriers who help ensure supplies get to Alcoa’s facilities when needed and products get to Alcoa’s customers on time. The annual awards measure Alcoa’s core carriers against seven key metrics including overall volume; shipment acceptance percentage; scope and sustainability; and data accuracy. To be eligible for this award from Alcoa, carriers must be under Alcoa contract and meet volume minimums for at least three months of the year.

“We have a passion to recognize and reward our top carriers who are vital components of our supply chain,” said Ed Hamorsky, Alcoa’s Director of Global Transportation and Logistics. “This program continues to drive alignment and trust between Alcoa and the core carriers that serve our plants. Many of the cost reduction and sourcing successes that Alcoa has realized over the past few years have been the result of creative solutions offered by our core carriers.”