News: OL&T Sets Transaction Milestone; Significant Expansion and Integration with European Carriers : 9/28/09

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T), a global logistics and transportation service provider for the chemical and process industries, reached a new milestone when OL&T and its affiliates recorded ten million transactions processed per year with their clients and carriers. Over 1,700 carriers are integrated into the OL&T network.

The transaction count milestone included the following segments of connectivity for all modes of transport:  transportation request messages from customers to Odyssey Logistics & Technology; booking requests to carriers and booking responses from carriers to OL&T; planned shipment messages from OL&T to customers; executed shipment messages from customers to OL&T; freight estimate messages from OL&T to customers; carrier tracking messages and electronic invoices from carriers; and electronic invoices from OL&T to the customer. OL&T is unique in that it deploys a single technology platform to serve its global clients and partners worldwide. The platform is hosted in Charlotte NC, USA.

According to George Grossardt, General Manager of Schneider National’s bulk division, OL&T’s work in the bulk EDI arena continues to move the industry toward adoption of EDI technologies and standards. “We’ve been working with Odyssey Logistics & Technology for over two years on EDI, which has made a significant contribution to our processes and to the success of our relationship with OL&T and our mutual customers.”

One of the most interesting developments is that, in addition to XML and EDI transactions, Odyssey Logistics & Technology is also processing almost 1 million PDF international shipping documents for customers on an annual basis. This means that OL&T’s systems are helping customers and carriers smooth the flow of goods through international customs by transferring these documents electronically to the correct parties in the supply chain, and also by tracking the transfer process using OL&T’s Visibility & Event Management module to assure document completeness when borders are crossed.

Mike Sadowski, OL&T’s CIO, stated that technology has really streamlined the whole paper trail. “From the customer’s perspective, they exchange electronic messages with a single provider: Odyssey Logistics & Technology. The customer doesn’t need to manage connections to disparate asset-owning logistics providers. So, for example, the customer can receive a stream of electronic invoices representing their entire transportation spend, globally. OL&T obtains electronic invoices in whatever format the carriers support, and if necessary, can scan an invoice and enter it manually into OL&T’s system so that it can be audited and translated into an electronic invoice for the customer. But, the customer is shielded from that complexity.  All they know is that they get all of their invoices electronically in a consistent format, and these have been audited for correctness prior to receipt.”

The SAFRAM Group, which is a key service provider/carrier for OL&T’s affiliate in Europe, has experienced over 28,000 transactions per month (since going live with them in December, 2008) running through a secured communication channel. These transactions are processed every month – including a large number of documents in various formats including PDF files, which is particularly useful for cross border movements in Europe.

Christophe Hottelier, sales director of SAFRAM, said: “This system proves to have great efficiency and reliability including a strict and clear document processing and monitoring system. All of these automated processes are also covering the invoicing activities. Working with OL&T is efficient and effective, and we are looking forward to increasing our business relationship with them.”

According to Mark Robinson, vice president of information systems for Saia, one of the most successful LTL carriers in the United States and ranking in the top ten of carriers in the LTL sector, “The connectivity ability that Odyssey Logistics & Technology has with us and their clients is state-of-the-art. In real time, we are able to access the EDI information we need and never miss a beat. When I hear the name Odyssey Logistics & Technology, I immediately think of the connectivity technology they bring to the party.”

Through a single interface, OL&T clients get access to a broad selection of communications and logistics service providers globally. This offers clients the advantage of lower costs, speed and service leverage which only Odyssey Logistics & Technology can provide worldwide.

About OL&T

Odyssey Logistics & Technology provides global logistics management services to the chemical industry and other process manufacturers. OL&T delivers a comprehensive portfolio of logistics services to the chemicals and process industries so that clients’ products are delivered safely, reliably and economically, with the advantage of shipment visibility and actionable data across all modes.

OL&T presents a unique scope of industry knowledge, experience and technology, applied to client supply chain operations in two distinct outsourced logistics contexts:  Managed Logistics Services and Third Party Services. The OL&T team of chemical engineers and logisticians brings unparalleled expertise—they are chemical and process industry insiders, intimately familiar with the supply chain complexities and hazardous materials requirements. Its technology backbone, the Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM features a net-native transportation management infrastructure that supports highly integrated, flexible and data-rich service offerings. For more information, visit

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