Press Releases: 03/29/2005

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Subsidiary Expands Logistics Management Capabilities with International Forwarding Platform

DANBURY, Conn. – March 29, 2005 – Odyssey International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation, a provider of global transportation and logistics services for process manufacturers, today announced the release of its patent-pending Web-based freight-forwarding solution that puts information regarding international shipping and logistics at the user’s fingertips. Expanding its leadership position in freight-forwarding services, Odyssey International saves time and money by providing increased visibility and automation while improving collaboration between shippers, consignees and carriers via the Internet. A first-of-its-kind system for Odyssey’s international freight-forwarding customers, the International Forwarding Platform tracks the entire forwarding process from initial export order through the final receipt of goods, invoicing and payment. It drives a substantial level of operational improvement, with the ability to exchange “paperless” documents over the Internet and provide timely notification of exceptions in the forwarding process.“The ability to integrate people, processes and technology is at the heart of every successful organization,” said Adrian Gonzalez, director, Logistics Executive Council for ARC Advisory Group. “If any of these components are missing or deficient, achieving operational excellence is very difficult or impossible. This is especially true in global trade management operations. Odyssey’s International Forwarding Platform complements the people and process expertise it already possesses, particularly from its acquisition of Nordstrom Freighting.”About Odyssey International Forwarding
Features of Odyssey’s platform include paperless document distribution, Automated Export System integration, forwarding process and in-transit visibility, seamless event management, Web-based reporting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration capabilities.

Paperless Document Distribution: The system generates standard and custom export documents in an electronic format, allowing documents to be reviewed in real-time over the Web. Permission-based access ensures control over the process, allowing only approved users to view documents. Automated Export System (AES) Integration: Odyssey’s AES certification helps customers comply with government regulations that require virtually all U.S. exports be declared electronically to the AES system operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Forwarding Process and In-Transit Visibility: Throughout the forwarding process, Odyssey, its customers and their business partners can access the system through an encrypted Web browser connection to check the status of their orders. The system collects in-transit status messages from carriers and provides up-to-date shipment details to all authorized users. Seamless Event Management: Enabling a focus on timely and flawless execution, the system automatically sends e-mail notifications to the appropriate parties, informing them of key events or exceptions that may occur throughout the process. For example, carriers, shippers and consignees can be notified of an event that may be of specific interest, such as vessel departure or arrival. Web-Based Reporting: The Web-based reporting tool allows Odyssey and customers to monitor forwarding activities and carrier performance. Customer-specific reports are generated on demand or on a periodic basis. ERP Integration Capabilities: By integrating data directly from the customer’s ERP system, Odyssey reduces data entry and provides reliable freight-forwarding execution to its customers. “With a combined 450 years of experience in transportation, logistics, process, chemical and information technology development and deployment, Odyssey knows how to support the logistics needs associated with global transportation,” said Michael Sadowski, vice president of applications strategy and development for Odyssey. “Internet technology now presents an opportunity for paperless export transactions and Web-based forwarding systems to streamline and automate the freight-forwarding process to an unprecedented degree. Exporters who adopt our approach will achieve significant cost savings and competitive advantage.” About Odyssey Logistics & TechnologyOdyssey Logistics & Technology provides global logistics management services to the chemical industry and other process manufacturers. Odyssey enables its customers to outsource any part of the management and transportation of their raw materials and finished goods, helping these companies save money through reduced transportation and infrastructure costs, measurable customer service and process improvements, and enhanced data quality and management. The Odyssey team of chemical engineers and logisticians brings unparalleled expertise to the logistics supply chain in all modes of transport. The Odyssey Global Logistics Platform is a first-of-its kind transportation management infrastructure that serves as the technology backbone to its service offering. Odyssey International is a licensed export freight forwarder and wholly owned subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology, managing exports to more than 80 countries. The company is backed by investors Trident Capital, LogiSpring, Boston Millennia Partners, CMEA Ventures and RRE Ventures. For more information, visit on the Web.

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