Press Releases: 09/18/2006

Univar USA Inc. Partners with Odyssey Logistics & Technology on All Inbound Transportation

DANBURY, Conn. – Sept. 18, 2006 – Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation, a global logistics and transportation provider for chemical and process manufacturers, announced today that Univar USA Inc., the leading chemical distributor in the United States, has entered into a strategic partnership with Odyssey for all of its inbound bulk and package transportation management. This includes carrier selection, contracting, management and payment as well as access to Odyssey’s extensive network of commercial carriers. Univar aims to increase market share, continue to provide superior customer service and increase productivity within its supply chain. Univar USA Inc. provides more chemicals and related chemical distribution services than any other company in the marketplace.

Univar’s partnership with Odyssey is part of a larger, strategic step within the company’s distribution supply chain to add inbound logistics support and expertise. Odyssey will deploy its transportation management technology in order to improve efficiencies and provide the functionality necessary to manage this very complex network. The Odyssey service offering will allow Univar to centralize, standardize and automate all inbound activity for greater efficiency and increased productivity. The information will be available to Univar in real-time with visibility and sophisticated data management.

Univar created a cross-functional inbound transportation team to review internal and external options. After a lengthy review process, Univar selected Odyssey because of its depth of expertise in the chemical industry, exceptionally robust transportation management infrastructure and the capability of the Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM.

“By creating a long-term relationship with a trusted partner, we continue to differentiate ourselves through superlative customer service, and continue to facilitate a path to sustainable growth for our company,” said Terry Hill, president of Univar USA Inc.

With access to Odyssey’s commercial carrier base, Univar benefits from the existing relationships and the efficiencies that come from participation in a larger network, such as back hauls and continuous moves. The program ensures the selection of the best carrier based on safety, service and cost advantages while offering Univar complete transparency to its actual freight costs.

“Odyssey provides its clients with our patented technology and access to our large network of service providers which leads to an enhanced ability to leverage economies of scale,” said Bob Shellman, CEO of Odyssey Logistics & Technology. “We are very proud to have been chosen by Univar as a partner in its overarching strategy to bring greater inbound distribution and logistics capabilities and efficiencies into the company. The Odyssey leadership is very excited about the opportunity to partner with the country’s largest chemical distributor.”

The Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM will be integrated within several key points in the Univar supply chain, including procurement, accounts payable, IT and logistics. The company plans to transition existing operations to Odyssey over the next 12 to 18 months.

About Univar USA Inc.

Univar USA is the leading chemical distributor in the United States, providing more chemical products and related services than any other company in the marketplace. Its extensive distribution network, with locations coast-to-coast, helps guarantee fast, reliable service to Univar’s customers. For more information visit,

About Odyssey Logistics & Technology

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation provides global logistics management services to the chemical industry and other process manufacturers. Odyssey provides its customers the ability to outsource any part of the management and transportation of their raw materials and finished goods, helping these companies save money through reduced transportation and infrastructure costs, measurable customer service and process improvements, and enhanced data quality and management. The Odyssey team of engineers and logisticians brings unparalleled expertise to the logistics supply chain in all modes of transport. The Odyssey Global Logistics Platform is a transportation management infrastructure that serves as the technology backbone to Odyssey’s service offering.

Odyssey International LLC is a licensed export freight forwarder and wholly owned affiliate of Odyssey Logistics & Technology, managing exports to more than 100 countries.

Odyssey Overland LLC is a wholly owned affiliate of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation operating as a broker and domestic freight forwarder for bulk and package truck shipments in North America.

The company is backed by investors Trident Capital, LogiSpring, Boston Millennia Partners, CMEA Ventures and RRE Ventures.

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