Press Releases: 9/23/2014

Bob Shellman Named One of GrowthCap’s Top 25 CEOs in B2B Software

DANBURY, Conn. (Sept. 23, 2014) — Bob Shellman, CEO and president of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey), was named one of GrowthCap’s Top 25 CEOs in B2B Software.  Executive ranking was based on revenue growth, dominance in their field, capital raised, and overall career performance.

The only logistics company CEO to be selected for this recognition, Bob launched Odyssey in 2003. The company now annually moves and tracks cargo valued over $60 billion across the globe.

Through focused efforts on organic growth and successful strategic acquisitions, Odyssey’s profitability has increased significantly.  Since 2009, the company has reported a gross revenue compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50% and an earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) CAGR of 79%.

Odyssey’s B2B software solutions include its Web Integrated Network (WIN), which was launched in 2013.  This web-based system enables customers to manage, track and report on their shipments from a single platform, all at no cost.  Similar Transportation Management Systems (TMS) can be costly to purchase and implement.

“Offering our customers leading edge technology has been a cornerstone to our success,” said Shellman.  “I sincerely appreciate this recognition.”

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About Odyssey

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey) is a global lead logistics solutions provider offering a broad array of services to support the shipment of cargoes, estimated at over $60B, moving both domestically and internationally to over 100 ports around the world. With operations in North America, Europe and the Far East, Odyssey operates in all modes of transport with TL/LTL trucking, containership, rail, air, and the more complex areas of bulk transport including bulk truck, ISO Tank, railcar and tanker, as well as food-grade product lines. Odyssey’s services include truck brokerage, intermodal transportation, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, facilities management, rail fleet management, sample and small order distribution and more.

The Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM features a transportation management system that supports the safe, reliable and efficient delivery of clients’ products throughout the world. WIN (Web Integrated Network) offers a scalable technology solution with an accelerated deployment and faster time to value.

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