Press Releases: 10/20/2008

OL&T Continues to Expand with Double Digit Growth Rate

Danbury, CT.  October 20, 2008  – Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T), a global logistics and transportation service provider for chemical and process industries, has been experiencing continued positive growth this year by expanding globally.  OL&T will report another double digit growth rate for 2008.According to Robert Shellman, chief executive officer and president, “During the last five years we have seen 40% revenue growth as an annual average. I believe this will continue into 2009 with our North American opportunities and expansion globally, particularly in Europe.”Odyssey Logistics & Technology is continuing to advance its presence in the marketplace with the addition of new customers who need to be more efficient and cost effective with their supply chain and logistics services.“While the economy may be showing signs of a slowdown, OL&T services become a greater value by helping customers reduce cost and become resourceful in transportation management.  With our very large transportation network and technology deployment, we can automate the logistics network as we drive for efficiency and lower costs.  We are able to provide detailed reports and give customers the data they need to forecast and make informed choices and budgetary decisions,” commented Cosmo Alberico, executive vice president and chief financial officer.OL&T is also focused on sustainability.  It is deploying sophisticated mapping of routes that drives toward a reduced carbon footprint.  The goal is always to simultaneously strive for lower transportation costs while discovering ways to optimize its rapidly expanding network.“We feel confident in forecasting another increase in revenues for 2009 of 40% with the addition of new international customers,” said Shellman. “Our teams have worked hard to create a value-added environment for our clients that, in turn, benefits our bottom line.”More and more domestic clients with opportunities overseas are developing strategic plans with OL&T to handle the wide range of logistics activities associated with making international shipments.  These developments bode well for OL&T’s success in meeting the 2009 financial forecast.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology provides international logistics management services to the chemical industry and other process manufacturers. OL&T delivers a comprehensive portfolio of logistics services so that clients’ products are delivered safely, reliably and economically, with the advantage of shipment visibility and actionable data across all modes.

OL&T presents a unique scope of industry knowledge, experience and technology, applied to client supply chain operations in two distinct outsourced logistics contexts:  managed services and third party services. The OL&T team of chemical engineers and logisticians brings unparalleled expertise—they are chemical and process industry insiders, intimately familiar with supply chain complexities and hazardous materials requirements. The technology backbone, the Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM, features an Internet-native transportation management infrastructure that supports highly integrated, flexible and data-rich service offerings.

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