Press Releases: 11/03/2008

OL&T Announces Support for CIDX Chem eStandards

Danbury, CT —November 3, 2008— Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T) is making significant strides in advancing the company’s leading technology capabilities and offering its clients managed logistics services for the chemicals and process industries. Today OL&T announces support for the Chem eStandards business-to-business integration approach, developed by the CIDX standards organization.
The Chem eStandards are XML-based messaging standards created by leaders in the chemical industry.  The aim of the standards is to improve the ease, speed and cost of securely conducting business electronically between chemical companies and their trading partners.According to Michael Sadowski, chief information officer for OL&T, “Odyssey Logistics & Technology’s integration approach has allowed us to rapidly scale our business since our founding.  We operate a single technology platform globally, and have successfully implemented numerous customers on that platform using OL&T’s XML-based integration and our customer gateways.  Now, we are announcing support for the Chem eStandards.  As before, customers can choose OL&T’s XML when integrating to Odyssey Logistics & Technology, but now customers also have the option of choosing to use the Chem eStandards XML.”

One of OL&T’s clients, Chemtura Corporation, a global specialty chemicals company with $3.7 billion annual sales, first integrated with Odyssey Logistics & Technology in 2007.  “Chemtura advocates using a standards-based approach for our B2B integrations,” said Greg Boucher, director of Supply Chain Systems at Chemtura.  “Our integration with Odyssey Logistics & Technology utilizing the CIDX Chem eStandards went smoothly, and today this implementation is viewed as a significant success.  Next, we plan to extend our integration to cover European logistics.”

OL&T uses a message-based integration with each customer’s ERP system, resulting in a streamlined and automated logistics process, based on best practices for the chemical industry.  OL&T’s Chem eStandards Gateway includes support for the key XML transactions needed to implement OL&T’s managed logistics services.  Other features include functional acknowledgements and digital signatures.

OL&T’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Robert (Bob) Shellman sees his company as having a tremendous niche in managed services for the chemical industry and other process manufacturers.  “The day of large chemical companies being able to handle all the details and due diligence with logistics is history,” said Shellman.  “Our core competency is having the technology and skills to concentrate on all the nuances of transporting complex chemicals safely and quickly plus having the ability to constantly report back to our clients with actionable data.  We take on this responsibility so our clients can focus on research, manufacturing and sales of their products.”

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