Press Releases: 06/08/2011

ICIS Chemical Business Names Odyssey Logistics & Technology

Magazine cites consistency and global industry experience as key differentiators

DANBURY, Conn. (June 8, 2011)  — Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T), a global logistics and transportation service provider for the chemical and process industries, has recently been named a Top 50 Chemical 3PL for 2011 by ICIS Chemical Business magazine.

“3PLs can be a critical part of the chemical supply chain, providing services such as warehousing, shipping, freight forwarding and other aspects of logistics management. As the chemical markets become more global and complex, the role of asset-based and non-asset-based 3PLs (also known as 4PLs) will only rise,” said Joseph Chang, Global Editor of ICIS Chemical Business magazine.

“Odyssey Logistics has experienced tremendous growth throughout 2010,” said OL&T President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Shellman. “The growth of our global portfolio of services is integral to our customers’ success. Moreover, it has helped us meet the challenges that all 3PLs face today and the ever-growing needs of our clients for efficiency and reliability. We are quite proud to have achieved this recognition.”

OL&T manages inbound and outbound logistics for its customers, including complete transportation services such as carrier selection and qualification, contract negotiations, claims and non-conformance management and reporting, as well as tendering and freight audit and payment services. The Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM , a patented technology infrastructure, provides a single, integrated transportation management system that allows customers to view transportation activities regardless of mode through a single portal, thereby improving logistics performance and reducing costs.

The ICIS Top 50 Chemical 3PLs is a special annual feature on the world’s leading third-party logistics providers (3PLs) servicing the chemical sector. The Top 50 list includes key industry leaders in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. ICIS developed the list as a resource to benefit chemical companies seeking innovative solutions in the chemical and hazardous materials supply chain. For a complete list of the ICIS Top 50 Chemical 3PLs, please visit the ICIS Top 50 webpage.

About ICIS

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About OL&T

Odyssey Logistics & Technology (OL&T) delivers a comprehensive portfolio of managed logistics, international freight forwarding, carrier management, supply chain consulting, and third-party services. The Odyssey Global Logistics PlatformSM is OL&T’s technology infrastructure, and features a proprietary net-native transportation management system that supports the safe, reliable and efficient delivery of client products throughout the world.

With double-digit average annual revenue growth for the last five years, OL&T moves products with more than $55 billion in value between 185,000 origins and destinations and 220 ports worldwide. The company has received recognition as a SmartWay Partner by the EPA and is a Partner in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Initiative.

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