Press Releases: 03/31/2011

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Hosting Security and Anti-Terrorism Conference

April 6th event features expert panel from FBI, Department of Homeland Security and other officials addressing the domestic trucking industry on issues pertaining to terrorism and security

DANBURY, Conn. (Mar. 31, 2011) — Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T) will be hosting a conference on security and counterterrorism focused on the United States motor carrier business.  The event will be hosted at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday April 6, 2011. Attending the event will be the management from U.S. motor carriers to better understand the issues of homeland security and how it pertains to the domestic trucking infrastructure.

The speaker panel will be comprised of a team of experts on the subject of protecting the homeland from terrorist, security and other threats.

Panel participants include:

  • Bo Dietl, moderator, CEO Beau Dietl & Associates Global Security
  • General Frank Libutti, Lt. Gen USMC (Ret); Former Deputy Commissioner Bureau of Counterterrorism NYPD; Undersecretary for IAIP, Department of Homeland Security
  • John Kavanaugh, former assistant director, FBI and Department of Homeland security
  • Craig Moringiello, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI Headquarters
  • A representative from TSA’s Office of Intelligence

“This conference provides the opportunity to meet with the leadership of our trucking industry,” said Bo Dietl. “Their company drivers are hardworking Americans, and we want to engage with them on the subject of security and awareness of counter terrorism activities.”

“We have a vast motor carrier network here in the United States, and we view this as an opportunity to bring together the experts on all sides to heighten security awareness,” added Bob Shellman, President and CEO, Odyssey Logistics & Technology.

About OL&T

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