News: WIN Identified as Best-in-Class Software to Streamline your Supply Chain: 06/06/2016

On June 8th, 2016 Global Trade Magazine recognized WIN (Web Integrated Network) in its list of the Top 22 Companies who are providing best-in-class software to streamline your supply chain.

The article points out that, “tech products are now all about making business, and life, more transparent, understandable and easier. Whether presenting hard numbers or data visualization, whether showing the real time flow of goods or anticipating how to make that flow run smoother, the one thing these products have in common is their flexibility and ability to be customized to the needs and understanding of their customers.”

WIN is a no-cost, no-fee, cloud-based TMS that allows shippers to continue using their existing carriers while gaining access to additional capacity through the nearly $2 billion network of WIN/Odyssey carriers and brokers, and the spot market. WIN is honored to be listed as a best-in-class software to streamline your supply chain. To learn more about what makes us “best-in-class” please visit