NY-NJ Port Terminals Restore Operations

Container terminals at the Port of New York and New Jersey resumed operations later Friday evening around 7 p.m. January 29, 2016 after a brief staged labor walkout by more than 1,000 longshoreman. The surprise “walkout” began around 10 a.m. causing the Port Authority of NY/NJ to shut down operations for a short period of time.

The New York Shipping Association called an emergency contract board meeting and it was ruled that the work stoppage was a violation of a no strike provision in the contract with the longshoreman. ILA released a statement after this meeting stating, “We have heard your voices, we have heard your concerns, and we have taken action on your behalf, we urge all ILA members to return to work and will continue to report to you on the progress we make resolving all concerns of our hard working and dedicated ILA workforce.”

After initial confusion surrounding the cause of the walkout, James McNamara spokesman for the ILA, claimed the union was unhappy with the Waterfront Commission and its “interference in hiring and harassment of ILA members” among other issues such as “chassis jurisdiction and technology”. Further information on the labor issue here.

Full operations at Port terminals in NY/NJ have been restored and gates have opened on schedule today, February 1st. Congestion is already being reported and delays are expected as they work to clear the backlog. Odyssey will continue to monitor the situation.