OL&T Earns JA Company of the Year Award

Odyssey Logistics & Technology (OL&T) has been chosen this year’s recipient of the 2012 Junior Achievement Company of the Year Award. Cosmo Alberico, OL&T’s executive vice president & CFO, is responsible for starting this initiative at OL&T’s corporate headquarters in 2008. For Alberico, the relationship between both organizations was synergistic, based on the fact that Junior Achievement empowers young people to be successful and OL&T empowers logistics professionals to be the best in the business.  Both OL&T and JA continue to grow and expand—globally and regionally.

The mission of Junior Achievement, which was founded in 1946, is “To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.” The organization achieves this through a variety of programs and events throughout the school year. Alberico believes that now more than ever, young people need to be educated about free market enterprise, basic financial concepts and how the global economy works —especially in light of our current economic environment. Through the JA program, students are able to see, firsthand, professionals tackling real-world business issues.

While Odyssey Logistics & Technology sponsored various JA events this school year, it was the company’s overall dedication and commitment to Junior Achievement that earned OL&T the award. “In my opinion, OL&T is set apart from other companies because of their willingness to help JA. Employees are eager to get involved in teaching students in the Greater Danbury Region,” stated Katie Rossi, JA’s education manager for the Danbury area.

Donating their time during the workday to youngsters in JA, OL&T employees see the direct impact they are having on the community. One OL&T employee volunteer, Pam Kart, witnessed the influence she was having through the handwritten letters she received from every child in her class, detailing everything they had learned from her lesson. “I would certainly do it again in a heartbeat,” she stated. “It was so gratifying.” Another OL&T volunteer, Toni Cassara, who was initially nervous to teach, came into JA thinking that only the kids would be benefit, “I thought I was helping them, but really, they helped me out, showing me that I was capable of mentoring. I felt right at home; the kids were fantastic.” she said.

This year OL&T grew its volunteer network from two, to nine employees. That number continues to grow.  “We’re proud to have been chosen this year’s award recipient, and I would like nothing more than to see our involvement expand to include additional staff at all of our business units located here,  in the states, and abroad,” says Alberico. This year’s OL&T volunteers are: Enid Alvarez, Pam Kart, Tom Friend, Toni Cassara, Cosmo Alberico, Nancy Leska, Cathy Palardy, Dolly Lee, and Carol Parrelli.