Process Innovation in Technology Optimizes Logistics

The global market opened the world to new possibilities.  Along with those opportunities came modern challenges, with few as demanding as logistics management of the global supply chain.

Traditional solutions that dictate how businesses operate are becoming obsolete.  Today’s supply chain solutions require process innovation and the technology to support it.

As Odyssey Logistics & Technology (OL&T) Senior Vice President, Russell Marky, explains it, “Traditional models of building an application that assumes the world operates a certain way really no longer apply in a global economy.  Process innovation is the only answer if a company wants to remain competitive.”

By leveraging IBM software, OL&T has experienced productivity gains upward of 300 percent and optimized its logistics services in areas of routes, carriers, and shipments.  For information on how technology helps manufacturers stay ahead of demand, click on OL&T’s video featuring OL&T’s leverage of IBM software.