Qlik Luminary Program Selects Odyssey’s Joe Easley for Class of 2019

Odyssey Qlik Administrator Joe Easley has been selected to the Qlik Luminary Program’s Class of 2019

Qlik, a global leader in business intelligence software, has selected Odyssey’s own Joe Easley to be a part of its annual Luminary Program. Qlik provides end-to-end solutions for businesses to improve transparency and efficiency through real-time, data-driven decision making.

“Becoming a Qlik Luminary is about creating a better world—one in which data is harnessed to create beneficial changes, not just for their own organizations, but for others, too. Qlik Luminaries are constantly pushing the envelope, finding new and innovative ways to use, deploy and talk about Qlik solutions.”

“A new class of Qlik Luminaries is accredited each year in January. Individuals with outstanding track records of continuous public advocacy of Qlik – willingness to share knowledge, community leadership, and a desire to make everyone they know in the Qlik ecosystem a huge success.”

Source: Qlik.com

Qlik clients from around the world submit their profiles for consideration to be included in the annual Luminary program, which selects 100 clients from the global pool of over 48,000 that represent the cutting edge in data collection and analysis. Easley’s work in deploying Qlik Sense technology across Odyssey’s global operation was worthy of acceptance into the Luminary program, and Easley’s name will be among the 99 others who are driving the world of data exploration forward in 2019.

“I am very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish during the last two years of our Qlik deployment,” said Joe, “I hope that our success in implementation continues to grow Odyssey’s reputation as a leading provider in logistics.”

To learn more about Qlik, Qlik Sense technology and the Luminary program, click here.

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