Odyssey Flexitank Services: Safety

As an American Chemistry ACC Responsible Care partner, safety is the number one priority in all aspects of our business and operations. We are committed to upholding the highest standards with regards to safety, health, the environment and security at all levels of the operation and organization.

Odyssey has meticulously designed and engineered its flexitanks to meet or exceed all established safety criteria and guidelines.

The Odyssey flexitanks have:

  • Passed stringent impact and vibration tests at the TTCI [AAR].
  • Patent-pending construction for maximum durability
  • Trained and qualified personnel to install the flexitanks
  • Safe loading and unloading handling procedures
  • Truck driver training procedures
  • Trade lane safety operating procedures
  • Environmental health and safety producers for flexitanks
  • Product compatibility procedures
  • Sterility procedures
  • Mobile Operations Management Platform
    • Handheld tablet uses barcode scanning technology to provide real-time information to the customer
  • Safety platforms and flexitank handling equipment available