Services: Portal to a Global Network

Transportation Management Simplified

WIN is a portal to a multi-billion dollar global transportation services network and clients benefit from its purchasing leverage and transportation opportunities.

Clients access carriers and freight rates available inside the WIN global network to use in their daily freight planning, sourcing and execution activities. Selecting a carrier, and resultant rate, from the WIN global network is quick & easy.

Using WIN, a client can quickly tender a freight order to a carrier from the WIN global network or from their current network. Adding carrier capacity to a network has never been easier or more economical.  Clients will be confident using WIN carriers since service levels of all the carriers in the WIN global network are continuously supervised.


  • Immediate cost savings
  • Access to thousands of pre-qualified best-in-class carriers and rates
  • Extended capacity without adding resources
  • Ensured supervised carrier service levels
  • Optimized freight spend