Services: Rail

Innovative solutions for rail transportation needs are just part of Odyssey’s end-to-end logistics offering.

rail transportation The strength of Odyssey ‘s rail team is its ability to build and deploy innovative solutions within rail transportation, a challenging and consolidated mode. All members of our rail team have extensive career experience in rail logistics. Their first-hand knowledge empowers them with the strategies, resources and contacts to create the right solutions to safely and reliably handle all aspects of each client’s rail transportation needs, across all cargo classes.

Rail solutions can be combined with our full range of services to deliver comprehensive end to end logistics support. Our services are structured such that they can be managed entirely by Odyssey’s managed logistics services.

Our services include:


  • Freight -Strategy, negotiations, contract review, rates and routing quotes
  • Cars – New Car procurement and acquisitions, lease renewals, rate negotiation, car specifications

Car Maintenance

  • Coordination and shopping cars for required Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections, and unscheduled maintenance
  • Development and implementation of car maintenance and cleaning strategies
  • Interface with lessors and maintenance/cleaning facilities – single-point-of-contact
  • Evaluation and auditing maintenance and cleaning invoices for agreed scope of work

Rail Car Tracking and Operations

  • Reports on daily tracking information
  • Generation of  customized tracking reports as needed
  • Proactive intervention on slow-stopped cars
  • Investigation of service nonconformance
  • Research and response to customer complaints
  • Reports on  compliance/non-compliance


  • Maintenance of lease agreement and fleet contract files/riders; honor lease terms and conditions
  • Customized reporting of financial and operational data delivered on an agreed upon schedule
  • Review and Audit of invoices
  • Maintenance of repair files
  • Input and update of rates
  • Establishment and monitoring agreed KPI’s