Services: Managed Logistics

Odyssey Managed Logistics Services optimizes all aspects of transportation management.Supported Services_shutterstock_191829809

With our experience and vast supplier network our transportation management services clients know we will strategically manage their logistics operations, from the routine to the most complex and challenging, regardless of cargo size, class, or destination.

Our clients enjoy:
  • Sustained cost savings,
  • Shipment visibility,
  • Insightful data reporting,
  • Continuous improvements.
Our end-to-end process includes:
  • Analysis and consulting,
  • Network design,
  • Logistics procurement,
  • Shipment planning and execution,
  • Invoice reconciliation and payment.
We thoroughly analyze our clients’ data, business processes and costs and then design targeted solutions that consider optimal lane expenses, capacity shifts, and warehouse rationalization. Whether a client requires management of all or part of its supply chain and/or logistics process, our full attention and expertise is applied to every solution we provide.
Odyssey manages every aspect of the logistics supply chain:
  • Inbound and outbound shipment management,
  • Handling,
  • Consolidation,
  • Deconsolidation,
  • Distribution and delivery of end products.
We provide clients with:
  • Cargo planning,
  • Tendering,
  • Shipment visibility,
  • Configurable event management,
  • Freight audit and payment,
  • Management reporting.

Odyssey has an all-modes transportation services offering: project cargo/logistics, ocean bulk, rail (liquid and dry), ocean container, intermodal, ISO tank, bulk truck (liquid and dry), truckload, LTL, air, and parcel, organized by our proprietary global technology platform.  Odyssey implements standardization across distribution and manufacturing sites, adheres to industry best practices, and aggregates and reports clients’ data to drive continuous improvement and cost savings.

Our culture and our track record of delivering safety, performance and savings to all of our clients ensures that Odyssey can design the end-to-end logistics solutions to meet our clients’ strategic requirements.