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Transportation Management Simplified

How much does WIN cost?

There are no direct fees required to use WIN. WIN is a community of shippers and carriers and the more freight that is sent using the WIN global network carriers reduces costs for everyone. You will realize freight savings when you use WIN global network carriers at lower rates.

How long does it take to get set up?

Set-up, configuration, and training typically take under two weeks.

Is there a WIN implementation fee?

There are no implementation fees associated with the standard master data loading, template creation, user configuration, and training. Custom configuration of master data is available as an additional service.

Will you train my employees to use WIN?

Web-conference training for the initial WIN set-up and for on-going support is provided. On-site training can be provided as an additional service.

Will you train my suppliers?

Odyssey provides training to all WIN users assigned by the WIN client company at initial set-up. WIN users can be direct employees of the WIN client company, suppliers, vendors, contractors and/or others. If designated WIN users are not direct employees of the WIN client company, a separate user agreement may be necessary.

How long does training typically take?

Training typically takes 2-4 hours.

Who Handles Carrier Claims?

You are responsible to identify, document and pursue claims with all carriers including your incumbent carriers and WIN routed global network carriers. WIN includes carrier contact information that will enable you to begin this process. Odyssey can provide NCR (Non-Conformance Reporting) & claims resolution as an Additional Service.

Can I manage freight payment via WIN?

Freight payment services can be provided by 3rd party service providers using data feeds from WIN. Odyssey can provide freight payment through WIN as an additional service. Data feeds and connectivity to 3rd party providers can be a WIN additional service.

What modes can I manage with WIN – rail, international air or ocean?

WIN supports all modes of transportation however documentation, clearance, and filings for international shipments may require additional services provided by an international freight forwarder. Odyssey can provide international freight forwarding as an additional service.

How does a shipment get initiated in WIN?

Orders can be initiated by manual creation, creation from a pre-configured template, or direct EDI feed from the WIN user ERP system. EDI connections to 3rd party systems can be provided as an additional service.

What reports are available with WIN?

WIN includes a standard set of reports and the ability to generate WIN user configured ad-hoc reports. Customized WIN reports can be provided as an additional service.

Does WIN provide shipment visibility as reported by my carriers?

Shipment tracking and visibility for your incumbent carriers can be provided as an additional service. EDI connection to your carriers can be provided as an additional service. Shipment tracking and visibility is standard, and included, for all WIN global network carriers.

Will WIN help me optimize my shipments by combining LTL shipments?

WIN can be set-up to optimize shipment for LTL and multi-stop TL. Master data set-up for this functionality can be provided as an additional service. Alternatively, WIN users can display “like” shipments of their own goods and re-create them as a single shipment for lower freight cost.

What are routed carriers?

Routed carriers are the WIN qualified global network carriers. They frequently provide a lower cost rate for shipments than your incumbent carriers. WIN will display a list of carriers for shipment listed by lowest cost first.

Does WIN use transit times?

WIN displays transit times along with freight cost and allows you to select a carrier based on both of these displayed parameters.

Who handles (coordinates) missed pick-ups by carriers?

Carriers configured in WIN include your incumbent carriers as well as the WIN routed global network carriers. You are responsible for conducting the shipment tendering activity and communicating with all carriers. You are responsible for contacting the carrier(s) if there is a carrier equipment delay and/or re-tendering the shipment to an alternate carrier. Shipment tendering and pick-up support (contact, re-tender, resolve) are available as an additional service if required.

Transportation Management Simplified

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