Slowdown at US/Mexico Border

Due to a shifting of CBP personnel along the US-Mexican border, widespread delays in transportation services at the points of entry are currently being experienced. Trade between the US and Mexico amounts to roughly $617B annually, with around 57% ($347B) of goods traded coming from Mexico to the US.

Over-the-road points of entry along the US-Mexican land border account for a substantial portion of overall US-Mexican import/export traffic, with 37% of all trade between the two nations coming through the Laredo, TX point of entry alone. Any delays at these points of entry have a tendency to negatively impact supply chains, delaying shipments and occasionally causing prices to fluctuate.

“Delays at the border means delayed deliveries, and your supply chain needs to be ready to handle these slowdowns when they occur,” says Odyssey’s Steve Janso, director of procurement – package logistics. “It’s wise to find a partner who can help you plan for extended lead and transit times on your shipments, and mitigate the impact that these delays may have on your business and your bottom line.”

To see more detailed information on wait times at the points of entry, click this link.