Tropical Storm Hermine 09/01/2016

Weather Related Service Update

Thursday, September 01, 2016 – Tropical Storm Hermine is expected to make landfall around the Florida Gulf coast tonight as a Category 1 Hurricane. High winds of at least 74 mph, heavy rain, storm surge flooding, and tornadoes are expected along the Florida coast. Tropical storm watches and warnings have been issued along the southeastern seaboard as remnants of the system spread up the coast to the Carolinas over the weekend. The level of impact the storm will have is uncertain; however, mandatory evacuations have been ordered for several counties and Florida was declared “a state of emergency” in advance of the storm’s landfall.

For more information on the system, visit: National Hurricane Center

Service impacts are likely.

Rail Impacts


CSX is taking precautions to protect employees, rail traffic and infrastructure as forecasters predict Tropical Storm Hermine making landfall on Thursday. At this time it is not known the level of impact the storm will have on CSX operations, but its path and intensity are being closely monitored as CSX takes steps to prepare for any potential effects on the network. Based on the current weather forecasts, CSX anticipate suspending operations in the following areas:

  • Jacksonville, FL to Pensacola, FL from 12:00 PM Thursday, September 1st to mid-day Friday, September 2nd
  • Waycross, GA to Thomasville, GA beginning at 12:00 PM Thursday, September 1st to mid-day Friday, September 2nd

Also, as the storm continues to be closely monitored, CSX anticipates suspending operations from Waycross, GA and Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL from early morning Friday, September 2nd until the storm passes and the railroad network in these areas are restored. CSX crews are ready to address any situations as they arise.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as conditions warrant.