Linden Bulk Transportation LLC: Core Values


LBT is proud of its exemplary Safety Record and the recognition they have received as a result. Linden’s Safety Processes are constantly monitored and reviewed for further opportunities for improvement. Linden maintains a “Satisfactory” rating by the Department of Transportation.

LBT understands the challenges CSA brings and has positioned itself to ensure compliance and improvement in all of the 7 BASICS.

Safety Award Process:

In 1993, Linden instituted a Safety Award Process to recognize its Colleagues for their performance in key safety critical areas. Those Colleagues meeting the criteria of “no chargeable incidents” for 12 continuous months are recognized and rewarded for their performance. This process continues today with many, many recipients!

The areas monitored for compliance include:

  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Safety Related Moving or Log Violations
  • Safety Related Customer or Public Complaints
  • Workers Compensation
  • Excessive Absenteeism or Suspension
  • No spills of or damage to products handled


LBT is acutely aware of the heightened concerns regarding the security of chemical transportation, especially hazardous materials. Below are some of the processes in place to ensure security. Linden will communicate and share any changes and improvements made to these processes as well as any new procedures put into place.

LBT is a member of C-TPAT and has a fully implemented Security Plan in accordance with CFR 49 Part 172.

Some of the key elements to enhanced security include:

  • Full Cooperation with all Authorities
  • Detailed Security Processes
  • Thorough Hiring Process
  • Minimum of 3 forms of Identification – 2 Photo
  • Facility Security using Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
  • In-Transit & Parking Procedures
  • Receiving & Shipment Verification
  • Communications Network


Service is the lifeblood of any organization, everything flows from and is nourished by it. Recognizing that “error free service is the right of every customer,” Linden’s commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction is evident in all of the process in which they work. All Linden employees and partners are fully trained to ensure that “Quality Comes From The Center Of The Diamond ®”.

Linden is proud to be ISO 9001 certified. LBT scrupulously monitors and measures key processes to ensure all objectives are met. Linden’s focus is continuous improvement through teamwork, innovation, creativity, process control and the elimination of waste.


With a seasoned staff of IT professionals providing computer support, programming, customized reporting and administration of Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), Linden’s IT Department is able to ensure reliable and robust computing services.

Linden systems offer flexibility to meet all business and company requirements. This enables Linden and its customers to stay on the leading edge of computer technology. For example, Linden uses EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology for several key functions.

Linden Bulk uses TMW technology as its main operations system with subsystems provided by Busch Associates. This team approach has enabled Linden to enhance its capabilities in the provision of error free service with sophistication in fleet management, driver management, customer service and billing.

Linden continues to investigate implementation of on-board computers to enhance the newly implemented TMW system.

LBT also has SAP experience which enables the Linden team to interface with customers within their own systems. This has expanded Linden’s capabilities in providing real-time, accurate reporting.

Capabilities include:

  • Order Receipt Through EDI (204 / 990)
  • Direct Billing Through EDI (210)
  • Delivery Status Reporting (214)
  • Electronic Freight Payment (Auto Pay, Power Track)
  • Electronic Performance & Activity Reporting
  • SAP Experience
  • Electronic Logs
  • Omnitracs

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