Linden Bulk Transportation LLC: Responsible Care & Distribution

At Linden Bulk Transportation, we are committed to ensuring that our customer’s products are distributed in accordance with the processes supporting the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) Responsible Distribution and the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care programs. In conjunction with our quality assurance efforts, we continually work with our customers, colleagues, suppliers and the general public to minimize the risks associated with chemical distribution.

Linden Bulk was the first NACD Chemical Handler Affiliate to win the prestigious Responsible Distribution Excellence Award. 

Our operations are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and seek to protect the safety of our colleagues, customers and community. Linden Bulk uses available information and materials, including the expertise of our partner suppliers, customers, and insurance carriers, to improve the processes involved. We continue to monitor, measure, review and evaluate our performance as part of our ongoing commitment in this area.

Linden’s focus is to:

  • Address community concerns
  • Make safety, health and environmental considerations a priority in our planning
  • Participate in creation of laws and standards which will safeguard our colleagues, community and the environment
  • Promote the principles and practices of responsible distribution by sharing experiences and offering assistance to others

Linden is active in a number of associations on a local, state and national industry level. We believe that active involvement is necessary to ensure that the needs of our customers, colleagues, suppliers and the general public are adequately addressed.

Associations include:

  • National Tank Truck Carriers
  • National Association of Chemical Distributors
  • Tank Container Association
  • Northeast Chemical Association
  • NJ Motor Truck Association
  • Texas & NJ Transcaer
  • Chemical Industry Council
  • Union / Middlesex County HAZMAT Advisory Council
  • Arthur Kill Industrial Business Association
  • Linden Mutual Aid Council
  • Linden Industrial Association