Roll & Hold Warehousing Services:

All of our Roll & Hold Warehousing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including:

> Temperature- and humidity-controlled storage
> Inventory tracking
> EDI suite

Aside from storage, Roll & Hold facilities also offer value-added services such as:

> Packaging
> Preparing metals for export and rail service

Combined, the six Roll & Hold warehouses provide approximately 740,000 square feet of storage space with locations in:

These strategically placed facilities enable us to service our customers with high-quality warehousing and local just-in-time product delivery.

Roll & Hold and Area Trucking creates a complete logistics solution for seamless customer service at a quality price.

All of our warehouses except Vernon, CA are ISO 9001 Certified. Click here to view our Quality Policy.

ISO 9001 Certified by independent Registrar Perry Johnson.

Railcar Services:

Most warehouses listed above are rail-served, and all provide transloading services. Odyssey Specialized Logistics LLC is able to offer railcar services that maximize the cost-efficiency of moving multi-truck quantities over long distances.

Benefits of rail services include:

  • A single railcar is able to accommodate three or more truckloads
  • Shipping by rail is up to four times more fuel-efficient than shipping by truck, making it a more environmentally friendly option that produces a smaller carbon footprint

With our own trucking division, we can ensure fast pickups and deliveries to locations that aren’t rail served near most of our Roll & Hold facilities. We are also able to offer complete warehousing solutions at any of our facilities and can store the material until the consignee is ready for delivery.