Both U.S. Coasts Experiencing Severe Weather : 03/02/2018

Both coasts are bracing for major winter storms over the next several days. A nor’easter began pounding part of the US East Coast and is expected to deliver up to a foot of snow in parts of New York, Pennsylvania, and northern New England. According to the Weather Channel, the region will be hit by “significant, long-lived and potentially life-threatening coastal flooding, damaging winds, heavy, wet snow and heavy rain.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, forecasters are predicting up to seven (7) feet of snow in parts of northern California as a winter storm moves through the area. Officials warn there is a risk to life and property and a  risk of disruption to critical services in the area where whiteout conditions have already closed parts of major roadways and power has been lost to thousands of homes and businesses. Evacuations orders are underway on both coasts. Service disruptions are expected in the affected areas.

Wintry conditions are currently impacting areas shaded in blue.