Update on the Strike at the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles

Clerical workers went on strike at APM Terminals in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 27th. (They had been working without a contract since their previous contract expired over two years ago. Negotiations broke down earlier this month.) The strike spread to the other terminals in Los Angeles & Long Beach on Wednesday, November 28th. Longshoremen working at these terminals have honored the picket lines, essentially shutting down the ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach.

The latest: An area arbitrator ruled Tuesday night that the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local (ILWU) had failed to bargain in good faith and that picket lines that went up yesterday afternoon were not bona fide; however, the strike continues this morning following a ruling Wednesday by the Coast Labor Relations Committee affirming the rights of ILWU members to picket after the initial area arbitrator’s ruling.

We believe there is considerable communication and dialogue taking place behind the scenes, so at this time, it is impractical to project how the negotiations will move forward. Political pressures are being exerted on both parties to come to a resolution as soon as possible as all are well-aware of the potential cost to industry and the economy.

If you are interested in following the labor dispute in detail, both sides of the story can be found at the following websites:

The general consensus is still not to expect a prolonged strike. If the parties refuse to come to terms after several days, then it is quite possible President Obama will invoke the Taft Hartley Act – ordering labor back to work during a cooling off period with mediation in the negotiation.

Please expect possible delays and congestions at LA-LB terminals. OL&T will continue to monitor the situation and alert our customers when possible. When possible, carriers are looking to reroute their vessels to reduce delay time while anchored in LA Harbor. Details on the status of each pier (taken from an email from one of our carriers) are as follows:

Port of Long Beach

  • SSA (COSCO) – Pier J status: OPEN / CMA-CGM ORFEO (PRX Service) will work on arrival at 08:00 11/29
  • SSA (MSC) – Pier A status: OPEN / MSC RACHELE (Jaguar Service) Alongside/Working & MSC POH LIN (CARGO OPS COMPLETE –  Vessel sailed at 18:07 LT)
  • TTI (HANJIN) –  Pier T status: CLOSED / MSC IVANA (OEX Service) ALL Imports Discharged / CUT & RUN 110 FULL Export Loads & 499 MTY Loads – vessel sailed 17:05 LT on the 28th SSA (MATSON) – Pier C status: OPEN
  • ITS (K LINE) – Pier G status: CLOSED
  • LBCT (OOCL) – Pier F status: CLOSED

Port of Los Angeles

  • APM (MAERSK) – status: CLOSED SEALAND COMET (Sunrise Service) alongside & idle –  719 MVS to go (LABOR NEEDED TO COMPLETE: 4 gangs @ 8 hrs. to finish remaining cargo moves)
  • CUT (HYUNDAI) – status: CLOSED
  • APL  – status: CLOSED
  • STS (EVERGREEN) – status: CLOSED
  • TRAPAC (MOL) – status: OPEN / ANL BINBURRA (Oceania PSW Service) scheduled to arrive and begin Ops 08:00 Friday 11/30
  • WBCT (YANG MING) – status: CLOSED
  • YTI (NYK LINES) – status: CLOSED