Warehousing and distribution center in today’s fast-paced distribution environment is more complex than ever. Labor challenges, real estate costs, and ever-evolving customer preferences—among other trends—are all making it harder than ever for companies to run profitable fulfillment centers.

But your customers count on you to meet their demand; nothing can be left to chance. Efficiently moving your product through your supply chain requires the expertise to manage ocean, rail, air, and over-the-road transportation. It also requires warehouse management to ensure that your products are always in proximity and ready to supply the markets you serve.

Odyssey Logistics is here to help.

To provide the most customizable and flexible logistics solutions, we’ve strategically placed quality facilities around the globe. These state of the art facilities are equipped to serve your needs and provide high-quality warehousing, transloading, and local just-in-time product delivery for freight of all kinds.

Accommodating Every Kind of Freight:

Whether you’re shipping dry goods, need temperature-controlled warehousing, or require rail car capabilities, Odyssey Logistics has the answer to your most pressing warehousing and distribution needs.

A world class public warehouse and distribution center operator, Odyssey Logistics provides a completely integrated transportation package of warehousing, handling, and trucking services from strategically located facilities.

Virtual Control:

We give you “virtual control” of your products through a common platform of WMS and Logistics Systems at all facilities, providing you with a single source to manage the movement of products from your plant to your customer’s door, and every step in between.

Logistics Expertise:

Our expert metals logistics professionals can customize a distribution, utilizing our patented Load and Roll Pallet (LRP), providing efficient, damage-free transportation into various gateways in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

  • Handling, storage, and distribution services
  • Rail, truckload, and intermodal handling
  • Fully integrated warehouse management system (WMS)
  • EDI
  • Barcoding
  • Inventory control system
  • Cross dock and transload services
  • Rail unloading and reloading capabilities
  • Cartage and transportation management services
  • Food grade warehouse space
  • Complete cold chain capabilities
  • Pick/pack
  • Kitting
  • Labeling
  • North American facilities in
    • IL, OH, CO, GA, MO, WA, CA, FL, AK, HI, TX, NJ and PA

Odyssey is your end to end resource to quickly transload or consolidate freight across our global network of operations.  Our Transloading Solutions help you increase flexibility, accelerate supply chain velocity and reduce cycle times. We design every program to reduce shipping costs while supporting your market demands.

  • Strategically placed facilities around the globe enabling service to our customers with high quality warehousing, transloading, and local just-in-time product delivery to the metals industry
  • Patented Load & Roll Pallet (LRP) for single or multiple coils or bar product weighing up to 49,000 lbs. and enables rapid forklift loading/ unloading of blocked and braced cargoes
  • Multi-dimensional bar, plate and long products
  • North American facilities in
    • IL, MD, TN, TX, CO, WA, CA, KY, LA, SC, IN, MO as well as Canada & Mexico

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