Odyssey’s WIN TM (Web Integrated Network) is the cost-effective, web-based transportation management system that offers shippers:

  • Savings opportunities
  • Freight spend visibility
  • Process efficiencies
  • Carrier choice – shipper incumbents or WIN carriers

In one place, shippers get:

Shipment orders may be received directly into WIN from an ERP system or input manually. The WIN transportation management system provides carrier and broker options that include the shipper’s incumbents as well as options from the WIN carrier and broker networks. In addition to identifying the carrier or broker, rates and expected transit times for the shipment will be provided.

The rate quotes WIN generates will be based on the product details and specifics of the type of transport required, including special services (accessorials). This creates a comprehensive baseline that shippers can compare against the freight invoice.

Shippers may realize immediate savings from WIN carriers, and may have additional savings opportunities as their lanes are analyzed and WIN contracted carrier pricing alternatives are made available.

The shipper controls the carrier/broker choice, basing the decision on provider preference, cost, transit time, and performance. With the click of a button, the shipper can tender a load. Because all of the information for the carrier decision and the tendering of the shipment are executed within the WIN system that means:

  • NO multiple website visits
  • NO phone calls
  • NO spreadsheets to track tendering and acceptance
  • NO manual reports to run

WIN can support movement of virtually any type across North America:

  • LTL
  • Truckload
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated
  • Bulk
  • Intermodal, and more..

While shippers can always use WIN to transact with their existing carriers and brokers, options within the WIN network include some of the most recognized and respected carrier and broker names in the industry.

Once a carrier is selected, WIN also simplifies the shipment processing and status monitoring. The system tracks the shipment status as it moves through the tendering life cycle; from ready-to-tender, to in-tendering, to tendered, WIN provides visibility across all shipments, and even tracks any shipments that might be cancelled.

After a shipment is tendered, WIN can create a bill of lading, shipping labels and manifests. The system also provides real time track & trace, enabling shippers visibility across all shipments in one place at one time. Gone is the need for multiple spreadsheets to track shipment status.

Shippers needing options beyond their route guide can access the spot market through WIN’s spot quote feature. After the shipper supplies the product and shipment details, and selects preferred carriers and brokers from WIN’s broad list of options, WIN will relay the request out to the carriers and capture the responses. The shipper will have:

  • Access to immediate capacity
  • All requests and responses in one place

Top-notch options are quickly available, with little effort for the quoting:

  • NO phone calls
  • NO multiple website visits
  • NO blind emails

WIN enables shippers to have a complete view of all of their shipments, and all of their carrier/ broker relationships.While templated reports are available, custom reports can be quickly created.
Shipment status reports can include but are not limited to:

  • Tendering
  • Tracking
  • Delivery
  • Costs:
    o By product
    o By lane
    o By mode

Carrier/broker performance reports can include but are not limited to:

  • Acceptance rates
  • On-time pickup
  • On-time delivery

WIN is a web-based SaaS product. That means that users don’t need to purchase any special hardware or software to use the system; all that’s needed is a computer with internet access. And WIN is set up so that anyone in an organization who needs access to the system can be granted permission to use it. There is no subscription limit; no limit to the number of users in an organization.

Many shippers have ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for business process management. WIN can be quickly integrated with ERP systems with virtually no effort on the part of the shipper. Using Jitterbit®, a leading integration platform, ERP integration is quick, easy and secure.

The WIN-Jitterbit ERP integration process works on virtually any ERP system including: SAP®, JD Edwards®, Infor®, EPICOR®, Sage®, Dynamics®, Oracle®, Excel®, Chempax®, NetSuite®, QB®, SQL® databases, fIat-files, and more. It also works on proprietary systems that shippers develop for themselves.

With Jitterbit, WIN can integrate with ERPs in a matter of days, not months. The WIN team provides the field mapping, software and support to guide the process, and sets the client up so any data validation issues can be quickly resolved. Many clients have found they are ready to start booking shipments the same day the WIN/ERP integration process is complete.

WIN supports the latest technologies for carrier communication, including APIs or carrier web-services. With these, shippers can retrieve real-time rates from carriers, which eliminates the need for loading or maintaining rate master data. These APIs also permit tendering and track & trace communication with carriers’ dispatch systems.

If a carrier does not use web-services, and instead works with EDI, or even email, WIN’s communication technology can be configured to work with whatever the carrier requires

A new WIN customer will be assigned a dedicated WIN business analyst. This professional will help with the WIN onboarding process and be available for assistance in any training, customization, or questions that the customer has. The analyst will support the customer throughout their lifetime with WIN, and will help the customer maximize the benefits they receive from WIN.

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