Winter Storm Diego

Winter Storm Diego impacted the Southeast over the weekend, dropping a staggering amount of snow, ice, and rain across the region. The storm was responsible for multiple deaths, thousands of power outages, and road closures/blockages.Although the worst of the storm fall is behind us, the post-storm temperatures dipping below freezing could mean more ice related problems and freeze overs.

“My message is simple: If conditions in your area are still dangerous, don’t take the risk,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said Tuesday. “Sit tight and wait for the sunshine and safety.” As of Tuesday afternoon, nearly 32,000 customers had no electricity in North Carolina, according to More than 14,000 were cut off in South Carolina and nearly 10,000 in Virginia. At one point Sunday the total number exceeded 400,000.

Service delays and limitations may continue throughout the day as operations began to recover: