Zombie Army Makes Masks For Local Hospitals

The Zombie Army has been activated, and not for what you would think during these strange and stressful times. The HellsGate Haunted House, a Zombie Army production and Legacy Events company, has a crew of talent that produces major events throughout the year focusing on fright, but when news of inadequate face masks supplies for first responders and the medical community combating the global Covid-19 pandemic hit, they lifted the darkness of the Haunted House and replaced it with an army of mask and mask kit creators.

With talented costume makers, HellsGate started making masks for the two local hospitals, Silver Cross and St. Joes, and soon realized that if they sent the call out to the Zombie Army, they could activate the entire industry’s assistance. HellsGate stands to provide hundreds of masks to the Chicagoland community, but because of the outreach program across their network, thousands of masks are in process. The HellsGate team is also creating mask kits to be sent to sewing machines since the onsite production crew is limited to maintain social distancing standards, ensuring those that are donating their time and talent are kept safe.

This army isn’t only taking orders for other facilities and departments from their initial donation sites and making non-surgical face masks, they have also donated N-95 masks and gloves to the local community as well.

If you would like to help the Zombie Army on its mission to make masks, please contact John LaFlamboy.