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Simply put, we can move anything from anywhere to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico efficiently and worry-free. And we mean anywhere. We specialize in remote markets covered under the Jones Act and provide customized services to those destinations with unique transportation challenges. We have the ability to take the road less traveled and transport goods by rail, barge and ferry.

For those who are looking to grow your business in these specialty markets, you need a freight forwarder who knows the territory. AFF is your perfect partner to make it happen. We have the connections, equipment and resources needed to get the simplest, most economical and effortless transport possible. Together, we can move your business forward.

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AFF Headquarters

American Fast Freight, Inc. (AFF) is a transportation and logistics company offering freight shipping to Alaska and headquartered in Fife, Washington. AFF and its affiliated companies and divisions provide a wide range of ocean freight forwarding, trucking, project logistics and warehousing-distribution services.


American Fast Freight operates a number of container freight stations throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Locations on the west coast of the US are Seattle and Tacoma, WA and Oakland and Long Beach, CA.

Market Expertise

There are a number of similarities in each of the markets served by AFF. The majority of freight products shipped from the continental United States to Alaska, Hawaii and Guam are shipped over-the-water by both steamship and barge lines.
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