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Multimodal packaged freight solutions

Packaged freight solutions for manufacturing, retail, durable goods and more

Build resilience with multimodal packaged freight solutions

The world moves fast. In the boardrooms of today’s businesses, supply chain strategy has become a central conversation, reflecting the interconnection of global market demands, advancements in technology, and sustainability initiatives.

With more than 20 years of experience as a multimodal logistics leader, Odyssey excels in transforming market challenges into opportunities. Our expertise extends to specialized services for regions like Alaska and Hawaii, ensuring seamless integration into your global supply chain strategy. Our multimodal logistics solutions are designed to streamline your global supply chain, providing efficient, sustainable shipment management that responds adaptively to today’s dynamic market demands and the distinctive logistics needs of these destinations.

Why partner with Odyssey?

Tailored transportation and warehousing solutions to build resilience and ship more sustainably
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Expand your reach and efficiency
Transform your shipping with our multimodal network. Integrating warehousing, rail, and trucking boosts capacity and cuts costs, a strategic advantage for shippers in today’s competitive market.
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Commit to sustainable shipping practices
Join us in leading the way in sustainability. Our data-driven practices actively reduce carbon emissions and ensure compliance with environmental regulations, making your shipping operations not just more efficient but also environmentally responsible.
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Leverage expert insights for better control

Add our team’s logistical expertise and time-tested industry knowledge to your strategic toolbelt, and boost transparency and control across your entire network with our purpose-built TMS platform.

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Navigate complex markets with confidence

Confidently extend your reach with our maritime and regulatory expertise. We offer guidance in international and U.S. offshore markets like Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean, setting your business on the path to global success.

Expert multimodal solutions for transporting any cargo shipment

Adaptable and reliable solutions for greater flexibility, visibility, sustainability and streamlined costs
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Strategic Warehousing

Enhance supply chain visibility and on-time deliveries with specialized warehousing for freight of all kinds, ensuring efficient shipping and best-in-class care for your products.

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LTL & Truckload
Flexible over-the-road transport options that maximize your logistics efficiency, reduce costs, and enable just-in-time deliveries for more frequent, smaller shipments.
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Truck Brokerage
Maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness through a single point of contact and trusted carrier matching. Connect with customized trucking solutions and heighten visibility.
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Gain an edge with our direct contracts with major North American rail class 1 carriers. This means more control, better tracking, and greater efficiency for your packaged freight.

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4PL Logistics
Full-service logistics management catered to your specific business goals: cost reduction, speed to market, real-time visibility, M&A integration, and more.
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International Freight Forwarding
Turn your international shipping into a one-stop shop with a fully integrated suite of intermodal solutions customized to your international needs.

By the numbers

More than two decades offering global, multimodal packaged freight solutions


Contracted carriers across North America

$3 billion

Freight network offering comprehensive global logistics solutions


Total estimated yearly miles optimized

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Our teams can move your freight of all kinds leveraging an extensive, global multimodal network. With Odyssey, your shipments arrive safely, on time and damage free.

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Managed Transportation

At Odyssey, we help our customers build more resilient supply chains — end to end. Our managed transportation solutions can be tailored for even the most complex industries. 

Explore how we can support the growth goals for your business, so you can navigate today’s evolving supply chain landscape with confidence.

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See your impact at Odyssey. Join us as we push the supply chain and logistics industry forward. 

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Streamline your supply chain with our resilient transportation solutions, meticulously aligned with your industry’s demands.

When you partner with Odyssey, you benefit from unmatched reliability, expertise and resilience.