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A warehousing solution that puts you in control

Industry-leading strategic warehouse solutions for chemicals, metal, food and beverage, and more

Turn your supply chain into your competitive advantage

Enhance supply chain visibility and on-time shipments with strategic warehousing solutions from Odyssey

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Heavy metals warehousing solutions
Experience the advantages of our metals warehousing facilities, equipped with the latest technology including humidity and temperature-controlled storage, advanced inventory tracking and EDI suite to provide customized door-to-door metal solutions.
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Food-grade warehousing for aluminum and glass
Maximize efficiency and reduce costs with our services designed specifically for aluminum coil and can manufacturers. We offer just-in-time delivery, rigorous quality control and inspection and inventory management. Our specialized equipment and storage facilities are tailored to support the unique needs of the beverage industry.
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Public warehousing and distribution centers

Strategically located across the U.S., our facilities are equipped with sprinkler systems, fire and burglar alarms, and 24-hour video surveillance. Most facilities have rail sidings directly served by Class 1 railroads or connected short-lines to all Class 1 carriers. If your freight can be loaded onto a railcar, truck or container, we can handle it.

Warehousing and distribution expertise, built on options

Strategically placed facilities across the globe, designed to help your business succeed

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Temp-controlled storage

Ensure the integrity of your frozen, chill or protected goods with our temperature-controlled storage solutions. We provide reliable warehousing and distribution for products, guaranteeing their quality from storage to final delivery.

Rail-served facilities
Gain a logistical edge with our strategically located rail-served facilities. Positioned on major networks like Union Pacific, Norfolk & Southern, CSX, and BNSF Railway, and connected to Class 1 rail companies via key short-lines, we streamline your product’s journey to market.
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Transload services
Benefit from enhanced flexibility, faster supply chain velocity, and shorter cycle times with our transloading solutions. Each program is tailored to cut shipping costs and effectively meet your market demands, optimizing your logistics operations.

Ready to supply the markets you serve

Using analytics, carrier relationships, specialized assets, sustainability strategies and deep international expertise, Odyssey supports some of the world’s most complex supply chains.

3 Million

Square feet of
warehouse space worldwide

Square feet of warehouse space worldwide


Rail-fed warehousing facilities

Rail-fed warehousing facilities


Total estimated yearly miles optimized

Total estimated yearly miles optimized

Technology-enabled visibility puts you in control

Through a common platform, you have virtual control and a single source to manage the movement of products from your plant to your customer’s door — and every step in between.

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Find an Odyssey location near you

Our teams can manage your transport and warehousing by leveraging an extensive, global multimodal network. With Odyssey, your freight arrive safely, on time and damage-free.

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Intermodal Services

Intermodal rail transport for ocean containers and ISO tanks

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Transload Services
Efficient mode-to-mode cargo transfer
Odyssey flatbed truck

Asset-based trucking for metals and project cargo

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Managed Transportation

At Odyssey, we help our customers build more resilient supply chains — end to end. Our managed transportation solutions can be tailored for even the most complex industries. 

Explore how we can support the growth goals for your business, so you can navigate today’s evolving supply chain landscape with confidence.

Careers at Odyssey

See your impact at Odyssey. Join us as we push the supply chain and logistics industry forward. 

Explore corporate and warehouse roles, and driving opportunities with us.

Industries we serve

Streamline your supply chain with our resilient transportation solutions, meticulously aligned with your industry’s demands.

When you partner with Odyssey, you benefit from unmatched reliability, expertise and resilience.

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