Services: Warehousing

Secure, strategically located warehousing is one of the many services in Odyssey’s end-to-end offering.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology  guides clients in the location and selection as well as the management of terminal and warehouse providers in North America and abroad.

Our clients benefit from our broad capabilities, and we can provide a range of solutions including:

  • Public or private warehousing
  • Terminals that handle liquid and/or dry bulk materials – raw or finished
  • Management and storage of temperature sensitive materials
  • Facilities for successful order fulfillment and execution including packaging, blending, and sampling

Our team’s extensive experience in  terminal and warehousing procurement, market and regional knowledWarehousing w orange doorsge, and strong industry relationships ensure inventory will be securely and strategically placed.

We scale solutions to match each client’s needs. Whether clients are looking for a managed  terminal or warehousing solution, or simply need extra space for storage, we apply industry best practices and put their inventory in its best position to improve their business’s bottom lines.

Our facilities team’s fluency in the laws, regulations, codes and regional market conditions that impact site selection will streamline the integration process. We can also provide network optimization; we are skilled in evaluating inbound and outbound distribution flows, reverse logistics needs, and in conducting vital facilities assessments based against established Key Performance Indicators. Further, our scalability extends to claims support and resolution, contracting, dray and dropped trailer coordination, through to the coordination of surveyor and laboratory service.