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Unlock the full value of multimodal logistics

Powerful technology supported by accessible global expertise

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A purpose-built platform for multimodal excellence

With Odyssey and our proprietary technology, you get a clear view of your shipping process. This means insights at your fingertips, helping you make smart decisions and save on costs.

Think of us as an extension of your team. We fill in the gaps, giving your team the ability to focus on strategic work. Our platform isn’t just about moving cargo; it’s about smart, integrated transportation management for all your shipping needs, connecting you to our vast global logistics network.

Our system works seamlessly with both you and your logistics service providers. It tracks every step, gathers essential data, and keeps you updated. Plus, it’s adaptable. Need answers? Just log in to our easy-to-use platform for all the information you need.

Real-time multimodal decisioning, visibility and analytics

Empower your team, connect with ours
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Access high-value insights you need to inform your supply chain strategies.
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Strategic control
Make real-time decisions that leverage the power of our multimodal network.
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Easy integration
Integrate our platform with your systems and provide your team with new insights and more control.
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Digital security
Advanced protocols and encryption techniques protect your data in use, in transit and at rest.
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Key features
Modules include optimization, status, carrier performance, HAZMAT validation, carrier selection, tendering and more.
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Fill talent gaps

Address gaps in your team caused by retiring talent and labor shortages — free your people for more strategic work.

Out Now: AI Meets Critical Intelligence

Only 25% of logistics professionals are using AI today, despite its boundless potential. Dive into the 2024 Transportation Management Outlook Study to understand the industry’s cautious stance on AI adoption amid rising cybersecurity and sustainability concerns.

Sustainable, end-to-end supply chain orchestration

Handling sensitive shipments or navigating complex regulatory demands? We’ve got you covered.

Odyssey is a global lead logistics provider (LLP) that can handle the nuances of your supply chain – sustainably – so that you can focus on your core business.

Gain meaningful savings on your shipments

Sustainability is a powerful strategy — especially when it saves you money. Our intermodal approach is designed to minimize your carbon emissions while delivering clear and measurable cost savings. 

Learn more about how Odyssey is building more resilient, sustainable supply chains for our customers and the markets our customers serve.

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Supply Chain Consulting

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Managed Transportation

At Odyssey, we help our customers build more resilient supply chains — end to end. Our managed transportation solutions can be tailored for even the most complex industries. 

Explore how we can support the growth goals for your business, so you can navigate today’s evolving supply chain landscape with confidence.

Careers at Odyssey

See your impact at Odyssey. Join us as we push the supply chain and logistics industry forward. 

Explore corporate and warehouse roles, and driving opportunities with us.

Industries we serve

Streamline your supply chain with our resilient transportation solutions, meticulously aligned with your industry’s demands.

When you partner with Odyssey, you benefit from unmatched reliability, expertise and resilience.