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3PL Logistics

Expand your
business reach with 3PL expertise

Multimodal, outsourced logistics to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs

Outsource your logistics so you can sharpen your business focus

From weather woes to driver shortages, turn logistics complexities into smooth deliveries with 3PL-managed transportation solutions from Odyssey
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Navigate complex logistics with confidence
The global supply chain is getting more and more complex. Get equipped with a network built to withstand that complexity. With specialized solutions for carrying complex freight, such as metals and chemicals, we offer you a supply chain truly built on options.  
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Reduce your carbon footprint
Reduce your environmental impact with 3PL services that include intermodal options to help support sustainability without compromising efficiency. Keep track of your progress with data-driven sustainability dashboards powered by our CloverleafTM program.
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Access new and global markets
Tap into hard-to-reach markets with a network spreading across the world. Whether domestic or international, let your freight penetrate any market of its choosing, including high-barrier-of-entry markets such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
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Focus on your business growth
Free up resources to concentrate on what you do best. Odyssey’s 3PL solutions allow you to channel your efforts into areas that offer the most significant potential for growth and competitive advantage. 
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Technology-enabled visibility and control

Experience seamless control over your shipments with Odyssey’s Global Logistics Platform, offering end-to-end management from production to delivery.

One-stop, premium trucking brokerage services

Tap into an experienced staff of dispatchers that provide you with a one-stop shop for premium logistics services and access to a network of screened, reputable carriers throughout the entire U.S.
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Optimize your route with intermodal transport

Why choose between tracks or trucks when you can have the best of both? Our intermodal solutions combine road and rail, offering a smarter, more sustainable way to move your goods.

Awards and recognition

Find an Odyssey location near you

Our teams can move your freight leveraging an extensive, global multimodal network. With Odyssey, your shipments arrive safely, on time and damage-free.

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Managed Transportation

At Odyssey, we help our customers build more resilient supply chains — end to end. Our managed transportation solutions can be tailored for even the most complex industries. 

Explore how we can support the growth goals for your business, so you can navigate today’s evolving supply chain landscape with confidence.

Careers at Odyssey

See your impact at Odyssey. Join us as we push the supply chain and logistics industry forward. 

Explore corporate and warehouse roles, and driving opportunities with us.

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Streamline your supply chain with our resilient transportation solutions, meticulously aligned with your industry’s demands.

When you partner with Odyssey, you benefit from unmatched reliability, expertise and resilience.