Global Transportation Services, Inc: Testimonials

Here is what our some of our customers are saying about us and examples of how we have helped them solve their logistical challenges:

Here is what our some of our customers are saying about us:

GLOBAL has become our 1st choice when it comes to moving freight internationally. Our customers are very demanding and therefore we need a company that is capable of getting things accomplished, when others can’t; GLOBAL has repeatedly proven they can do this. What I like best though about GLOBAL, is that we can trust them.
Chad V, of a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment.

“We have been working with GLOBAL for several years and couldn’t be happier. In addition to competitive rates, their staff has always gone above and beyond to help us understand our options when we have specific questions. The level of customer service we’ve received from GLOBAL is second to none. We’re approached by other forwarders frequently, but I don’t see a reason to bring our business anywhere else.”
Chris P, of a mountain bike company.

“Hello Jason,

Thank you so much following up from our meeting of couple of months ago. Business has been great and your team has been really great. I feel confident that the team you have in place is taking care of all of needs and responds in an exceptional way. We look forward to our continued partnership.”
Kara P, of a toy company.

“They are an extension of our global supply chain. We look at them as an integrated part of our supply chain team. They can show that it makes economic sense not to have to hire three more full time people when I can basically outsource to a turnkey solution with GLOBAL and become a true partner as opposed to just a transactional vendor relationship.”

Mike T, of a woman’s clothing retail company.

Despite the West Coast port congestion conditions, our dedicated team of dispatchers, drivers and warehouse crew have been successful at navigating through the congestion to move cargo out of the ports and to our customers as expediently as possible. Recently, after working during the weekend to pull containers from the ports and transload them so that the cargo could reach a delivery deadline after being held up by the congestion, a customer told us: “I appreciate you and your teams dedication to world class service.”

Dick P, of a woman’s clothing retail company.

“Their customer service is good. Their response time has always been very quick, and their ability to adjust on the fly has been great as well. We’ve had several projects where the schedule has had to be changed and they can revise on the fly.”

Matthew W, of a recycling plant company.

“Customer service is at the top. Among all of the vendors we have worked with, they respond fastest and best. And they never say “No”. GLOBAL also brings up business opportunities to help us save money, like recommending a different shipping route, or finding other ways to save time. That’s a valuable part of the business relationship. It’s something nobody else does and it wasn’t expected of them. ”

Lacie S, of a shoe manufacturing and distribution company.

“Their network is established. It protects me from doing that and having my stuff on the back of a truck that I don’t know anything about. I don’t have to worry about anything. ”

Jimmy T, of a military household goods transportation company.

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When Industry Knowledge and Intelligence Make All the Difference

GLOBAL prides itself on working with our partners and taking them step by step through the transportation issues impacting their businesses. One longtime client, an organizational products company whose merchandise is carried by most major retailers, found itself faced with potential difficulties during the 2014-15 US West Coast ports slowdown. GLOBAL began consulting with them in advance of slowdown, helping them to form a plan for weathering the impacts of the labor difficulties.

“We began our discussions with GLOBAL regarding the impending port issues well before they began to affect our business. Through a series of frank discussions, they laid out what challenges we could expect. Based on GLOBAL’s recommendations, we continually increased our safety stock, making sure that we had enough product on hand to fulfill our orders throughout the entire slowdown.”

The client took great comfort from knowing that GLOBAL was monitoring the situation at the ports on their behalf and providing them with vital firsthand information regarding conditions on the West Coast. They were also impressed with GLOBAL’s innovative solutions which allowed them to fulfil their commitments and manage costs. These solutions included container transloading in Seattle-Tacoma with strategic expedited trucking of key shipments inland, and a switch to steamship line door moves – both of which limited the client’s exposure to slowdown-induced demurrage charges and insulated them against cost outlays running into the six figures. Grateful for GLOBAL’s strong performance during the labor disputes, the client had no hesitation in continuing to partner with their trusted logistics provider as they expanded into new opportunities.

“We’ve worked with other forwarders before, only to watch as they’ve failed miserably. We have 100% confidence in GLOBAL and we will continue to partner with them as we grow our business.”

Long Lasting Partnerships

One of our largest and long term accounts, a bicycle manufacturer company who we had a 20+ year working relationship with, recently shared with us why they chose to move their freight business to GLOBAL.

In their own words:

“They solved some problems for us. We had used a different tack in the early 2000s. As we moved to the late 2000s, we had increasing difficulties. We took GLOBAL up on an offer to solve some of our transportation issues. GLOBAL offered to help on short notice – something very rare with ocean freight. They helped with a couple of emergency shipments, providing lift capacity that we desperately needed. At the time, we had chronic problems with our other service providers. After GLOBAL helped with these emergency fixes, we started a dialogue and moved to GLOBAL as a freight provider.”

Subject Matter Experts

Another customer of ours is a publicly traded company in the entertainment business. We do reverse logistics for them, receiving used products at our Ohio and California warehouses, where we catalogue, consolidate, and store products to be sent for refurbishing.

Five years ago, our customer was in a bind and needed a warehouse in the Ohio area that could receive used products near one of their major refurbishing hubs. GLOBAL stepped up to the task to put together a warehousing program where our team would help receive, sort, catalogue and send out used products. Once refurbished, we would store them until they were needed again, and helped to distribute them to their next location. Now we help provide them this service in our Torrance, CA warehouse as well.

When asked “What are a few things that GLOBAL does best?”:

“They are our refurb gatekeeper. That’s the key thing. I don’t have to worry about GLOBAL losing our product. They always treat it with a great deal of respect. They are just glasses, but it’s an asset to our company that can be reused and refurbished many times.

Other thing that’s interesting about GLOBAL – they are open to brainstorming about new ideas. I put Jason in the Subject Matter Expert category. He can often point me in the right direction. There’s never been a moment when he said, “I can’t do that” or acted as inhibitor.”

Personal Connections

We have another longtime client, who has been with us for over 20 years. They import aftermarket supplies for the boating industry, and we provide international and domestic transportation and customs brokerage services as well. This partner values us as a local partner who is able to provide a personal connection with a high level of customer service.

Our customer says:

“Any freight forwarder can move freight and clear freight. What makes a difference for me is to have a staff that can service the account well.” I like working with people who say “yes, we can do that” and we have a personal connection. It’s the service is that sets them apart. When I need help, they are good at getting back to me.”

In additional to freight forwarding, we also provide foreign to foreign service for them, setting up blind shipments between their vendor in Taiwan and their customer in Japan. This service GLOBAL provides helps save them time and money from having to ship the products to the US first.

An Integrated Part of Your Supply Chain

We have valued customer who is a popular woman’s clothing retailer, with over 600 stores in the USA. They use us in Kent, WA for transloading and trucking cargo to their DCs. We have been partners for a couple of years.When describing our relationship with them, they say

“They are an extension of our global supply chain. We look at them as an integrated part of our supply chain team.”

We pick up their containers from the Port of Seattle or the Port of Tacoma, and bring them back to our Kent facility. We unload them from the ocean containers and reload them into rail cars on the BNSF to Minneapolis. Our Minneapolis team picks up the containers at the ramp in MSP, and delivers them to the DC in Plymouth, MN. By utilizing the daily train departures, we are able to shave 3-4 days off their supply chain than if they were to book directly to Minneapolis with the carrier. We also maximize the loading of the train trailers with our skilled warehouse team, thus helping reduce wasted space and consolidating loads together. Those factors, paired with our strategic partnerships with local vendors that give us priority space help us reduce costs and lead time for our customer.

We help our customers bring their products to the market with speed, and provide them visibility and control through transparency and tracking of the containers. GLOBAL customers rely on our expertise to keep their freight moving, which allows them to focus on other important places in their business.

A Flexible Partner That Puts You First

We have another customer who is a US manufacturer and exporter of machinery and factories all over the world. We have successfully handled several large export projects from Eugene, OR to the UK, Australia, Germany, and other destinations. This customer needed a logistics partner that could be as flexible as their schedule.

With GLOBAL, they have that, saying,

“Their response time has always been very quick, and their ability to adjust on the fly has been great as well. We’ve had several projects where the schedule has had to be changed and they can revise on the fly.”

Of our service, they say,

“Their customer service is good. You can tell they really care about the customers”.

Helping You Save Money You Didn’t Know You Could

One of our partners is a shoe importer/manufacturer who has been working with GLOBAL for almost 3 years. Initially GLOBAL was brought on just as a freight forwarder, and has now expanded to Customs Brokerage services, warehousing, Free Trade Zone operations, and Customs pre-production product classification.

This customer originally came to us with a major challenge – they wanted to improve their whole supply chain and streamline their practices. GLOBALstepped in to provide expertise advice on ways to save transit time and money. Our customer said of our services:

“The former freight forwarder that we used never once came to us and suggested how we could save money. GLOBAL’s come to us maybe 100 times with ideas or things that could help our business or save us money. That adds a lot of value to our business that we don’t pay a fee for.”

One thing GLOBAL noticed immediately was that this customer was using carriers to move ocean containers all the way to their DC in Ohio. GLOBAL also helped to save them time on their supply chain by transloading their cargo in our Kent warehouse, and putting the rail containers on trains departing daily from the PNW. In the past, they would be at the mercy of carriers and trains that wait until their trains are fully loaded to depart, so containers can sit at the port or at the rail for extra days. Utilizing GLOBAL’s network and experience via the transload method allowed GLOBAL to provide our customer time and cost savings.

GLOBAL also observed that this customer was moving all their cargo from Asia straight to their DC in Ohio, where they would then ship some of it out again to their customers the West coast. GLOBAL helped to set up a distribution center for them in our Kent warehouse to help distribute to their West Coast customers. For example, we can split an inbound ocean container with 3 different destinations in our warehouse and direct the correct cargo to where it needs to go. In the past, our customer had to book 3 separate containers and wait until they were full enough to ship. GLOBAL helped them consolidate different POs and vendors into a single container, or arranged for them to ship what they have ready.

Our customer was also spending unnecessary resources by importing and paying duties on cargo in their Ohio DC that would later be re-exported out on cruise lines (duty free zones). GLOBAL helped them to set up and operate their own Free Trade Zone in Ohio, which now saves them thousands of dollars and time on duty drawback. With Free Trade Zones, they now only pay duty for goods that are imported to the US and will be consumed in the US.

GLOBAL can work with you to find ways to improve your supply chain. Our company’s size and expertise in the industry allows us to tailor solutions specific to your company’s needs. Our customer echoes this mantra, saying,

“They ask, “What is it that you need?” They don’t have a prescribed model. They put customer’s needs first. Among all of the vendors we have worked with, they respond fastest and best. And they never say “No””. “GLOBAL also brings up business opportunities to help us save money, like recommending a different shipping route, or finding other ways to save time. That’s a valuable part of the business relationship. It’s something nobody else does.”

Delivering On Time

We help a customer of 10 years move military household goods domestically through the US. GLOBAL helps to consolidate incoming loads of lift vans arriving at the Port of Tacoma from Alaska, and delivers them efficiently and timely across the country. We take into consideration their Required Delivery Dates so that cargo is delivered early or on time. And we take care to ensure the product is tracked throughout its move with us, so that our customers know where it is.

Our customer says,

“They know logistics extremely well. I don’t even have to worry about it. There’s never that call that things are missing. We pay a fair price for that comfort.”

A Dedicated and Responsive Team

Frequently, customers will have changing deadlines they cannot miss. GLOBAL is ready and able to rise to the challenge of meeting these deadlines. For example, one of our customers, who is a large pet toy importer, had an urgent change of deadline on an order of pet toys already coming in on the water from China. They routinely book their freight intermodal with the carrier, so the carrier is responsible to move it from the port of Tacoma to the rail, all the way through to Cleveland.

Due to the delay in the east bound rail departure out of Tacoma, their container sat at Tacoma terminal for an extended amount of time and their end buyer had a drop dead delivery date they could not miss. Our flexibility and expertise allowed us to stop the container at the port, bring it back to our Kent warehouse with our own truck late Friday afternoon. After being palletized to the customer’s requirements, we transloaded the cargo into an over the road truck that departed early next morning. Our dedicated staff came in early on Saturday morning to load the team truck so it could depart by 7 am. The truck arrived in Cleveland 4 days later, making it in time for the customer’s deadline.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing how we can help you with your business’s challenges and needs.

Integrated logistics solutions for large-scale, global logistics operations in the oil and energy, construction and manufacturing industries.

A selection of the infrastructure and energy activity GLOBAL is supporting globally, including:

  • Shipment of eleven (11) GE power plants to various construction sites in Turkey;
  • Transport of an automotive plant from Indiana to Turkey;
  • Transport of OBS Plant for the manufacture for wooden panels from Germany and Canada to Louisiana, incl. three (3) ship loads from Hamburg and 40 heavy lift truck movements from Canada incl a 108 metric ton piece;
  • Coordination of storage of four (4) General Electric power plants incl. 240 ton single lift generators, 137 ton steam turbines and related equipment for shipment to Petrobras Brasil;
  • Movement of generator by 747 cargo plane from Manaus/Brasil to Houston;
  • Movement of 7000 m3 Caterpillar heavy earthmoving equipment from Houston to Tanjong Bara/Indonesia – offloaded at destination onto barge and landed ashore by barge;
  • Execution of Al Saamra combined cycle power plant outside Amman/Jordan with approx. 10000 m3 to Aqaba/Jordan, incl. heavy lifts of 250 metric tons;
  • Shipment of 2000 m3 oil drill equipment from Venezuela to Dalian/China;
  • Movement of D11R Caterpillar units from Houston to Belem/Brasil;
  • Movements of cold boxes from California via Houston to Brasil, Vietnam, Malta, Spain and Saudi Arabia
  • Shipment of 6 (six) GE power plants from Houston to Moscow, Russia
  • Long term contract to move 500 city buses from Shanghai to Douala in conjunction with the Cameroon government