Consumer Warehousing: Solutions

  • 24 x 7 On-Line Video Surveillance of all areas of our warehouses – interior and exterior
  • Fully Automated Random Access Inventory Control Systems
  • Bar-Coding material controls
  • Full EDI capability
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Heavy Load Paper Roll Services
  • Cross Dock Services
  • Food Grade
  • Beverage turnover management services

The largest number of rail spots on the Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern railroads of any 3rd party warehouse

  • Largest number of Union Pacific rail sidings in the Midwest
  • Open Rails on the Union Pacific
  • Direct rail service on the Norfolk Southern
  • Dual Track loading and unloading systems

Today’s retailers are ever more demanding of their suppliers. A significant new trend in the industry is the return of unsold products and materials to the provider. As market share increases at the retail level, suppliers are faced with the management of large flows of materials that must be moved back to their facilities for redistribution, rework, or disposal.

Grand Worldwide Logistics Corporation has the systems in resources in place to handle, sort, dispose, and return products in large volumes for our customers. Full reverse logistic management services include:

  • Communication with full network of retails
  • Transmission of information back to the supplier
  • Handling of truckload, rail, and container
  • Sorting Services
  • Light Assembly
  • Transportation Services including rail, FTL, LTL, and Container
  • On-line Virtual Warehousing System to track movement of materials and on-hand inventory

Leave nothing to chance.

  • All of our warehouses are equipped with 24-hour surveillance
  • Cameras record throughout every area inside and outside our facilities
  • This information is accessible on line and is captured on DVR giving us an archive of every action that takes place within our operations
  • Every delivery received and outbound shipment is captured and archived with a digital picture of the condition of the load. This helps isolate any claims for damages and expedites the recovery of damages for our clients.


Unparalleled information system creates your own Virtual Warehouse.

Grand’s web-based connection to your product puts you in control any time, any day.

Your product is virtually within reach at all times.

  • All facilities throughout the country are on a common data platform
  • Real-time information through RF bar coding, RFID systems and EDI
  • Open access online to data, reporting and all aspects of lot control
  • Comprehensive documentation services available
  • Full suite of EDI connectivity to all major ERPS including SAP, JDE, and Oracle as well as custom interfaces to proprietary systems

24/7 online portal access to:

    – Receipts, shipments and adjustments
    – Receipts and inventory on hand
    – Receipts, shipments and adjustments
    – Transaction Recap, Open Receipts Shipments, Historical and Item Availability

Our online portal also provides real-time and historical review of inventory movement.

  • Rail
  • Truck
    • LTL
    • FTL
  • Air
  • International Shipping
  • Short term storage
  • Rail to Truck
  • Truck to Rail
  • Rail to Rail
  • Truck to Truck
  • Consolidation Services

Today’s Super-retailers and big box companies have increased the demand for faster more efficient delivery of product. Many suppliers whose products are sold through these channels do not have the critical mass to drive their products into these channels without incurring the higher costs of LTL rates and smaller more frequent shipments. Grand Worldwide’s Consolidated Logistics System “CLS”® allows for many suppliers of a single distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler, or national chain to consolidate their shipments and realize the economies of scale that will allow them to service these markets efficiently.

  • Grand Cartage Company
  • Full Fleet of OTR Trucks
  • FTL
  • LTL
  • Backhaul Services
  • In House Customs Brokerage
  • International Food Grade Certification
  • Marine, Rail, Trucking, Air Services for trans-loading throughout the supply channel

Grand Worldwide Logistics operates food grade distribution centers and currently holds and maintains an AIB sanitation audit with the highest rating of “Superior“.