Business As Usual

Joining the Odyssey Carrier Network means you get to work with you’re previous clients as you normally would. Once your set up as a carrier in our system business continues on as usual.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing, exactly what it means. The client will not see any price increase to your rates by going through the Odyssey Network.

Grow Your Business

Once you have joined and are approved as a carrier within the Odyssey Carrier Network, you become a potential carrier candidate for dozens of Odyssey Clients. This allows your company access to more business depending on your capacity and fleet accommodations.


The world’s leading companies count on Odyssey to strategically manage their logistics operations, from the routine to the most complex and challenging, regardless of cargo size, class or destination. From network optimization that organizes data into actionable cost efficiencies, to control tower implementations that provide greater control and visibility, Odyssey’s Door-to-Done® solutions help you navigate the ever-changing logistics landscape.

Our clients benefit from expert tailored solutions across multiple transportation modes, backed by the power of our  freight network exceeding $3B globally.

At Odyssey, we have assembled a diverse portfolio of solutions that we make available to our clients in multiple ways

Safety is one of Odyssey’s main goals. Our Safety qualification process ensures our client’s safety and care of product while in transit.

No, Odyssey is a transparent company and there is no markup added to the rates provided to the clients.

Yes, we keep a copy of your rates on file, and it is always accessible when needed

Yes, once we have all your information on file, load tenders will come through Odyssey