Services: Sample Fulfillment

Odyssey’s sample fulfillment offering includes safely transporting samples over the best, least expensive routes

Through our subsidiary Chemical Marketing Concepts LLC (CMC) Odyssey is a global leader in sample fulfillment and logistics services. Recognized, major manufacturers rely on Odyssey for sample storing, packaging and shipping of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. The company’s leading edge processes and proprietary systems provide ultra-fast order shipping—more than 80 percent of all orders ship within 24 hours. That means customers get what they need, when they need it.
chem sample fulfillment

Thanks to robust logistics software and state-of-the-art distribution sites located in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Odyssey efficiently identifies and transports samples and smaller orders over the best, least expensive routes. Our ability to deliver special services, including Biocide, FDA and GMP clean room filling, as well as temperature-sensitive product handling, is supported by our adherence to complete regulatory compliance for both ground and air freight shipments.

chem drums and totesWith more than 8 million sample shipments under our belts, Odyssey is the entrusted resource businesses turn to when their customers need to have materials shipped quickly, safely, and at the right price.

Odyssey’s logistics expertise is comprehensive, extending into packaging and shipping in the small revenue package sales arena. All shipments—hazardous and non-hazardous—are packaged, labeled and documented according to our clients’ specifications most are shipped within 24 hours.

In the U.S.

Odyssey’s small package services enhance the capacity of our clients’ customer service groups from our multiple locations and in a variety of ways. Orders can be forwarded to us for fulfillment by our clients’ staff, submitted to us over our clients’ dedicated order entry systems—we provide shipment details and generate invoices—or taken and processed by us via our own customer service center—we take credit cards. In each case, Odyssey frees our clients’ customer service representatives from taking small orders and eliminates those orders from their in-house order processing system.

In Europe and Asia

Our facilities in The Netherlands and in China enable clients to transfer orders to our customer service department for packaging. Additionally, our team of experts will process the orders and execute the Customs documentation necessary to move our clients’ shipments to their customers on time.