International: Freight forwarding

freight forwarding PORT OF CHARLESTON 011 A leader in freight forwarding, Odyssey offers technology, process, and regulatory and compliance expertise.

Odyssey’s freight forwarding expertise, in-depth knowledge of federal and state import and export rules and regulations and its thorough understanding of the many compliance programs that exist today enable companies to transport their goods without costly penalties or unexpected delays.

As leaders in the freight forwarding space, our expert team can streamline export shipment processes and achieve measurable and continuous improvements. Odyssey’s customers are provided with shipment visibility and control throughout the export process, and their shipments are managed with full compliance with U.S. and foreign regulations.

Our subsidiary IFI is a member of Global Ocean Agency Lines (GOAL) and we have agents around the world allowing us to provide reliable and comprehensive global import and export services for our clients.

We drive our customers towards best practices in the international shipping process to create more efficient, international supply chain operations.