Linden Bulk Transportation LLC: Bulk Tank Trucking


At Linden Bulk, we meet our customers bulk transportation requirements through our large, diversified fleet. Equipment and trailers are constantly being added to enhance the full suite of Linden Bulk capabilities. All equipment goes through stringent full PM inspections every 60 days and mandatory vehicle condition reports to ensure it is fit for use.

The Linden Bulk fleet consists of:

  • Over 350 Power Units
  • Over 675 Trailers:
    • Stainless Steel Tank Trailers; Insulated, Non-Insulated and Multi Compartment
    • Aluminum Single and Multiple Compartment Trailers
    • MC 412
    • MC 331
    • FRP
  • Over 150 ISO Container Chassis with Lift Kits

Features on select MC-307 / 407 Single and  Multi-Compartment Trailers include:

  • Double Conical Center Unloading for Maximum Drainage
  • Rear Unload Capability on Center Unload Non-Insulated Trailers
  • In-Transit Heat on both Single and Multi-Compartment Trailers
  • All Insulated Trailers Are Equipped With Steam Heating Capability
  • Aluminum Trailers for Maximum Payload
  • Ground Level Vapor Recovery (GLVR)