Flatbed and Warehouse: History 

Odyssey Specialized Logistics LLC traces its beginnings back 40 years to Area Transportation Company, which was established as a Chicago Commercial Zone carrier in 1978. Area quickly earned a reputation for excellent service, and in 1980 evolved into an interstate carrier.

Western Intermodal was founded as a cost-effective alternative to over-the-road trucking for our customers wishing to ship metals across the country. In 1981, Western Intermodal became the first company approved by the Burlington Northern Railroad to ship steel coils via rail in containers. Western Intermodal was instrumental in writing the securement regulations that are now the standard for all intermodal companies shipping metals intermodally.

Area wanted to offer premium steel warehousing to its customers, so in 1985, the first Roll & Hold Warehousing facility opened in Gary, IN. Roll & Hold soon expanded and began offering a menu of warehousing options. Roll & Hold now has five warehouses strategically located throughout the United States.

In 1995, the three individual companies merged under the umbrella of ATS Group, Inc. and went through several incarnations to become ADS Logistics Co., LLC. The three divisions of ADS Logistics worked in collaboration for decades to provide a full logistics solution. Linx Partners then acquired ADS Logistics in 2011. Linx Partners sold ADS Logistics to Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation in August of 2014. This acquisition strengthens the ability of ADS Logistics to provide you with an even broader range of services and metals logistics solutions. Under the Odyssey umbrella, Western Intermodal combined with CMI Logistics. In 2021, ADS Logistics transitioned names to Odyssey Specialized Logistics LLC.

For over 40 years, Odyssey Specialized Logistics LLC, has been supplying the highest quality of trucking, intermodal, and warehousing services to our customers, leading the field to become the premier metal-logistics provider in North America. We provide not only the safest service, as reflected by our stellar CSA scores, but also the most professional service in the metal-logistics industry. We are a very friendly and team oriented-company, which has built a reputation of unparalleled service as the most experienced and comprehensive player in the metals industry.