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10 Ways to Reduce Chemical Sample Costs: 

  1. Labor Costs: Chemical sample fulfillment is labor intensive. Your total cost includes benefits, insurance and employer taxes. By outsourcing, you can reduce your headcount and run a leaner, more efficient operation.
  2. Freight Cost:International, hazardous and air freight shipments can be costly. At CMC, we leverage our enormous volume of shipped samples to reduce your freight expense by up to 50% for some shipments.
  3. Packaging Cost: By outsourcing, you can eliminate the need to purchase container and packaging supplies. At CMC, we buy sample containers suitable for your products in high volume, greatly reducing your cost.
  4. Inventory Management Cost: Maintaining sampling inventory requires dedicated personnel. Inefficient management of inventory generates waste. Our bar code system provides complete control of inventory by lot number and shelf life, reducing waste, improving accuracy and eliminating the need for an internal inventory coordinator.
  5. Order Entry Cost: Processing sample orders represents a significant internal cost. To eliminate this cost, we offer dedicated customer service representatives to take and process your sample orders directly into our system or yours – or you can use our cost saving “Web Order Entry Program.”
  6. Cost of Lost Sales: Turnaround time and accuracy is critical to the sampling success. Sales are lost because of late or inaccurate samples. Our proven programs speed turnaround and eliminate mistakes. We also improve sales communications with email notices, follow- ups and on-line shipment data to help you make the sale.
  7. Training Cost: By utilizing CMC for you sampling needs, you can eliminate the cost of FDA, DOT, ADR, IATA, EPA, OSHA, chemical handling, respirator use and waste training required for your employees to handle the samples.
  8. Fines and Penalties: Incorrect packaging, labeling or documentation of chemical samples can lead to transportation fines- potentially thousands of dollars per violation. We eliminate that risk, and are experts at safely shipping both hazardous and non- hazardous materials.
  9. Facilities and G&A Cost: Sampling is not your core business. By outsourcing to CMC, the sampling specialists, you can free your warehouse and laboratory space for your business- critical work. You’ll also eliminate all management, supervision, and G&A expenses associated with sample fulfillment labor and resources.
  10. Lost Revenue: Are you missing additional revenue opportunities that come in small packages? In addition to packaging and fulfilling your sample orders, we can sell your small package products and non-strategic samples, boosting your bottom line.

About Chemical Marketing Concepts LLC:

Chemical Marketing Concepts LLC (CMC), is the global leader for outsourced sample fulfillment and logistics services. Over 65 major manufacturers use CMC to store, package and ship their sample and small revenue orders. From our state-of-the- art warehouse and distribution sites strategically located in the US, Europe, and Asia we have processed over 10 million sample shipments. We handle both non-hazardous and hazardous materials in complete compliance with all regulations for both ground and air freight shipments. Our logistics program will find the best and least expensive transport for your shipments worldwide.

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