About: Network

Freight shipping Trucks at Rest StopOur extensive network of carriers gives us pricing and routing efficiencies

With freight spend of nearly $2B annually, Odyssey Carrier Network includes specialty carriers across all modes: intermodal, LTL, truckload, bulk tank truck, marine and expedited. We work with large, global carriers and small regional and local freight shipping companies, pairing members of the Network with loads and transport lanes and ensuring close communications with our clients.

Odyssey’s technology framework provides a macro view of multiple client requirements. We provide carriers with more efficient freight shipping information, often scheduling freight for the return leg of their trip. Operational consistency is a KPI, and members of the Network benefit from the freight volume and regular business Odyssey provides.

Our rigorous screening process, ongoing monitoring and performance measurement of carriers in our freight shipping network ensure that the quality of our carriers is best in class  and that and our clients’ cargo is delivered securely, on time and always in compliance with regulations.

We transport cargo valued at $60 billion across the industrial and consumer products sectors.  With contracts for more than 200,000 over-the-road lanes and service in over 100 ports, national and international, we’re facilitating the growth of our clients.

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