Odyssey Logistics & Technology (Odyssey) takes very seriously the responsibility for safety in all aspects of our business and operations. At all levels of the organization, we are committed to upholding the highest standards with regard to safety, health, the environment and security.

As a statement of our commitment, Odyssey has adopted the Corporate Policy set forth below. From secure access at our facilities, to a rigorous, ongoing screening process for each of our logistic service providers, Odyssey embodies best practices in safe, disciplined work processes, operating practices and procedures, and strives for continued improvement.

The company has been accepted into the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care® partnership program and has adopted the ACC’s Responsible Care® Guiding Principles.


Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to define for its stakeholders the Corporation’s commitment to Safety, Health, the Environment and Security (SHE&S). Management at all levels of the organization is expected to adopt and promote compliance with the tenets of this policy within their respective areas of responsibility.

Governing Principle: The Corporation will conduct its business responsibly, and in a manner designed to protect the health and safety of its associates and the public, to protect the environment, and to preserve the security of its facilities and operations and those of its customers.

Requirements: Programs and procedures will be implemented and maintained that provide reasonable assurance that the Corporation:

Compliance: Complies with applicable governmental and internal SHE&S requirements.

Operations: Maintains facilities, conducts operations, and performs services, in a manner designed to provide sustainable, safe and secure transportation and logistics operations for its customers, utilizing programs and procedures that are designed to protect the environment, and the safety, health and security of its associates, customers, and the public.

Priority: Makes SHE&S considerations a priority in planning and operations.

Communications Training: Reports promptly to officials, associates, customers and the public, information on SHE&S risks and hazards and recommended protective measures and provides regular training for its personnel on SHE&S issues related to their work responsibilities.

Public Policy: Participates with government and industry to create responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the community, workplace and environment.

Continuous Improvement: Strives for continuous improvement in programs, work processes and performance related to SHE&S, by conducting regular examination of its operations to establish goals and ways to measure achievement and by evaluating best industry practices and, to the extent applicable, the principles and practices of Responsible Care®.

Mutual Assistance: Promotes, to the extent applicable, the principles and practices of Responsible Care ® by sharing experiences and offering assistance to others who produce, handle, use, transport or dispose of chemicals.

This Policy is applicable to Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation and all of its majority-owned and controlled affiliated companies.

Dated: April 5, 2023