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How consolidated freight forwarding strategies address supply chain disruptions in Hawaii

As the pandemic rapidly nears the one-year mark, there has been no shortage of lessons to learn in supply chain, logistics and beyond. Across each of the markets we serve, we’ve seen first-hand how the pandemic has impacted shippers in a variety of different ways—increasing demand for real-time visibility, reliable capacity and flexible services.

In domestic freight forwarding, for example, few regions were as directly affected by the uncertainty of 2020 as Hawaii—where nearly 80% of all goods consumed are imported, primarily from the mainland.  For years, many businesses operating on the islands have relied on a handful of different providers to cover all of their needs across ocean, trucking and rail modes. During the early days of the pandemic, however, the visibility, communication and capacity inefficiencies associated with these stitched together supply chain strategies led to disastrous service disruptions.

Moving forward, consolidated shipping networks represent the key to addressing these challenges in Hawaii. As businesses seek to future-proof their shipping strategies, the continued consolidation of Hawaii’s shipping networks will increase access to the end-to-end visibility and extensive capacity they need to move cargo on time and on budget.

Here are a few reasons market consolidation in Hawaii will help customers protect business agility and continuity in 2021 and beyond.

1. One provider—many freight services By consolidating under one banner, specialized local freight providers can more easily deliver end-to-end custom shipping solutions that can grow with you—adapting to changing demands on your business. Whether you need FCL, LCL, temperature-controlled, dry cargo, storage, ocean transport, truck capacity, or a little bit of everything, a consolidated house of brands can create a fully networked solution that maximizes the strengths of each specialty provider.
2. An extensive network built on local relationships As the pandemic showed, experience still matters—maybe more than ever. In an isolated shipping environment like Hawaii, experienced, local freight forwarding partners can be the difference between on-time deliveries—and late deliveries. Their intimate knowledge of local shipping lanes and environmental factors allow them to focus on the details for each and every customer. Consolidating their collective resources presents a win-win for customers who can leverage a much larger footprint without losing the powerful intangibles that come with working alongside experienced local partners.
3. Reliable capacity to get the job done  Last spring, many businesses learned first-hand how important supply chain capacity and provider reliability can be to the successful operation of their business. According to a recent Institute of Supply Chain Management survey assessing the impact of the pandemic, nearly 75% of businesses reported supply chain disruptions during the early stages of the pandemic. Access to a wider array of shippers is a critical part of the solution—offering greater flexibility to rapidly locate and book freight services to overcome disruptions.
4. A shared TMS provides a seamless customer experience If reliable capacity is one half of a future-proof shipping strategy, always-on visibility is the other piece. In a consolidated shipping environment, customers are empowered to access all of the shipping services and real-time information they need from a single pane of glass—including carriers, tracking and routing. This 360-degree view to available capacity reduces the burden of supply chain management and makes it easier to keep your cargo moving on time and on budget.

While the end of this pandemic is on the horizon, high expectations for business continuity won’t be changing anytime soon. Now is the time to prepare your operation for long-term supply chain success by implementing future-focused shipping strategies that meet your need for versatility, visibility and capacity.

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