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Sustainability at Odyssey: Committed to a cleaner planet and strong economic outcomes

Sustainability in the transportation industry is not a new topic. Shippers, 3PLS, carriers and others in the market have been talking about reduced carbon footprints, electric vehicles, alternate fuels and other sustainability topics for decades.

So why does it feel like sustainability is getting more attention now? There’s more talk about sustainability in the media, in boardrooms and in day-to-day transportation operations. Now there’s also more action and tangible results being reported.

That’s certainly the case at Odyssey. We’re investing heavily and engaging both customers and carriers in some bold initiatives. All parties are on board when we talk about sustainability — and the reason is ROI both ROI, and it’s the right thing to do

We’ve always believed that the right strategies can increase economic value for shippers and carriers, while simultaneously allowing everyone involved in the supply chain to become better stewards of our planet. Sustainability strategies and technologies have evolved to the point where well-executed initiatives are having a positive impact on both the environment and on the bottom line — for everyone involved.

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Odyssey applies technology and strategies that allow us to help our customers and our carrier adhere to evolving environmental guidelines and we’ve always believed that meaningful environmental progress can be made while improving economic outcomes. After years of development and execution, we’ve named our global sustainability initiative Cloverleaf.

In the transportation world, a cloverleaf provides a safe path for vehicles to change directions. That’s the same thinking that drives the Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Program. We’re changing how supply chains impact our environment — and finding smart, new paths for sustainability and economic growth to work together for everyone we touch, including customers, carrier partners, consumers, investors and our own colleagues.

Cloverleaf is a science-based program dedicated to the belief that sustainability can be an engine for growth and economic prosperity. In the years we’ve spent developing the foundational elements of this global initiative, we have seen that electrification, alternative fuels, artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT connectivity and other emerging technologies can be applied in ways that measurably move us towards a carbon-neutral world — while also uncovering new ways to reduce costs, improve margins and better serve every organization and person along the supply chain.

For example, through the use of advanced analytics and dynamic routing technology, we’ve been helping our customers minimize their environmental impact and optimize their shipping spend through strategic use of intermodal carriers. The results so far have been incredibly rewarding. We’re helping customers build more efficient supply chains, control costs and build reputations as responsible shippers who are willing to track and report their sustainability progress.

For our part, Cloverleaf represents a pathway to carbon neutrality by 2050. We’ve invested in a number of foundational sustainability technologies and we actively participate in the SmartWay Program (USA), GreenFreight (Europe) and other government-sponsored initiatives. As we move forward, our initiatives will only increase, as we make the technologies, processes and information we develop available to our customers and our carrier partners.

While we’re exploring a wide range of technologies and strategies as part of Cloverleaf program, our sustainability efforts are focus on three pillars:

  1. Visibility We use advanced data collection tools and CEFIC/ECTA guidelines for calculating emissions and other key metrics. Real-time visibility  — along with predictive and prescriptive analytics — are provided to our own sustainability specialists and customer/carrier house teams via customizable dashboards.

  2. Insights Based on an integration of economic, operational and sustainability goals, we provide customers with optimization recommendations for day-to-day operations and long-ranging planning

  3. Technology We’re exploring innovative applications of electrification, alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), internet of things (IoT) devices, predictive/prescriptive analytics, telematics, aerodynamics and other evolving technologies.

While Cloverleaf is focused on the future of sustainability at Odyssey, our previous work has earned s recognition, as well. Inbound Logistics recently published its annual G75 list, which highlights 75 companies that go above and beyond to ensure sustainable supply chains and environmentally friendly operations.

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