5 Reasons Companies Should be Using Multimodal Shipping

The transport of goods using road, rail, sea and/or air, multimodal shipping is growing in popularity as shippers look for ways to improve the efficiency of—and drive the costs out of—their supply chains.  Because the best possible mode of transportation is selected for each leg of the freight’s journey, a multimodal approach provides high levels… Continue Reading

Riding the Wave: Strategies for Building Resiliency Amid El Niño

There are many unforeseen events that can derail the supply chain. Extreme weather conditions and shifts in carrier capacity are two of the usual culprits. The industry typically has little time to implement contingency plans to keep shipments moving during sudden events. We all learned this lesson during the global pandemic. But now that the… Continue Reading

Managing the Complex Food & Beverage Supply Chain

As the food and beverage industry continues to evolve, manufacturers and distributors need reliable transportation options that help them get their shipments from origin to destination quickly, safely and securely. When they work with multimodal logistics partners, food and beverage companies can rest easier knowing that all of those boxes have been checked.  This year,… Continue Reading

You’ve Come a Long Way: A 20-Year Retrospective on the Logistics Industry 

When Odyssey Logistics & Technology began providing outsourced logistics management services to the chemical industry and other process manufacturers in February 2003, the world looked a lot different than it does today. It’s the year that the US Department of Homeland Security officially began operations, smartphone technology was emerging, Tesla was founded and iTunes music… Continue Reading

What’s Ahead for Transportation & Logistics in 2023?

The way companies handle transportation and logistics changed dramatically in 2022 as organizations worked through the lingering impacts of the pandemic, dealt with new challenges and revisited their long-range success plans.  Just a few years ago it wasn’t unusual at all to see warehouse employees walking around making notes on clipboards, transportation managers sending individual… Continue Reading

Ready to Finish Out 2022 Strong?

Here are some transportation, freight and logistics strategies to help finish 2022 stronger and prepare for success in 2023.  The last couple of years have been tough for shippers as they’ve navigated ongoing pandemic impacts, a labor shortage, rising transportation costs, capacity constraints and persistent supply chain challenges. These issues followed companies right into 2022… Continue Reading

Odyssey’s Bulk Divisions Honored for Safe and Secure Transportation

The DOW Chemical Company (DOW) has recognized both  Linden Bulk Transportation LLC and Optimodal, Inc., subsidiaries of Odyssey Logistics & Technology, with their North America Gold Road Carrier Safety/ Security Award for the safe and secure transportation of Dow products from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.  These awards exemplify Odyssey’s commitment to providing… Continue Reading

4 Supply Chain Pivots to Make Now

With the peak holiday shipping season right around the corner and no immediate end in sight to the current supply chain woes, shippers should be sharpening their pencils and preparing for more disruption through the end of 2021 and into 2022. According to Transport Topics, the shipping industry is already in various forms of panic… Continue Reading

Market Dynamics of Bulk Shipping

The market dynamics we’re seeing in bulk shipping are the most extreme since Odyssey’s inception. We’ve experienced a great deal of change, but this current environment of driver and capacity shortages is more challenging – especially for our bulk clients. Fortunately, we have a new solution – but first, let’s look at the scope of… Continue Reading