Riding the Wave: Strategies for Building Resiliency Amid El Niño

There are many unforeseen events that can derail the supply chain. Extreme weather conditions and shifts in carrier capacity are two of the usual culprits. The industry typically has little time to implement contingency plans to keep shipments moving during sudden events. We all learned this lesson during the global pandemic. But now that the… Continue Reading

Ready to Finish Out 2022 Strong?

Here are some transportation, freight and logistics strategies to help finish 2022 stronger and prepare for success in 2023.  The last couple of years have been tough for shippers as they’ve navigated ongoing pandemic impacts, a labor shortage, rising transportation costs, capacity constraints and persistent supply chain challenges. These issues followed companies right into 2022… Continue Reading

Why You Should be Working with a Multimodal Transportation & Logistic Partner

As they continue to grapple with supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, rising freight costs and other uncertainties, companies need reliable logistics partners that can manage more than just one freight mode or transportation option. By serving as “one stop shops” for most of these companies’ transportation needs, multimodal partners help shippers work faster, save money… Continue Reading

Picking the Right Logistics Partner for Your Operation

Don’t ever settle for second best when selecting a logistics partner to run your transportation, fulfillment and freight forwarding operation. Here are five things to keep in mind when picking the right one for your operation.  The need for adaptability and resilience is greater than ever, and many shippers are turning to  logistics providers to… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Operations & Procurement Update: Adjustments for certain travelers entering Canada

Late on January 12th,  Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) stated that, unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated Canadian truck drivers arriving at the border will remain exempt temporarily from pre-arrival, on arrival and post-arrival testing and quarantine requirement. American truck drivers will continue to be subject to the vaccine requirement. However, they warned that Canadian drivers could… Continue Reading

Analytics-driven technology helps mitigate capacity issues

Tank truck carriers, bulk shippers can enlist increasingly intelligent systems to improve supply-chain efficiency, collaboration Everyone in transportation feels the pain, but the growing driver and capacity shortages are hitting many bulk transporters particularly hard. For instance, the petroleum-hauling tank truck industry experienced a 41.6% reduction in qualified driver applicants and a 23.3% reduction in… Continue Reading

Colonial Pipeline Update: 5/13/2021

Late on Wednesday, 5/12, Colonial Pipeline announced that it is resuming all regular operations, effective immediately. According a statement issued by the company, “Colonial will move as much gasoline, diesel and jet fuel as is safely possible and will continue to do so until markets return to normal.” This is welcome news in an environment… Continue Reading

Shippers Navigate a “Perfect Storm” of Logistical Challenges in 2021

As if the impacts of a global pandemic weren’t putting enough roadblocks for shippers around the globe right now, congested seaports, a lack of available ocean containers, a persistent truck driver shortage, rising transportation rates, and fluctuating raw material availability are all adding to the chaos. Few, if any, industries have been spared this “perfect… Continue Reading

NMFC 2021 Classification Changes

To our valued customers, In our efforts to provide the most pertinent information regarding your logistics operations, we are sharing the recently proposed FCDC (Freight Classification Development Council) changes to the current NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) standards in which all LTL freight is classified. In order to determine if any of your current freight’s… Continue Reading

Secret Weapon: How TMS Tackles Supply Chain Disruption

During a year when supply chain disruption is hitting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers from all angles, TMS is helping to level the playing field and ease the challenges that organizations across all industries are dealing with.  Coming into 2020, it looked as if it would be “business as usual” for most industries, with a slight… Continue Reading